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This website is being repurposed. We will be adding material and services for the use of the “Body of Christ”

Any ideas or commentary will be greatly appreciated. Email to Raymond Mills or call (806) 471-1142.

While we will continue to show the importance of the Knock of Jesus Christ to Laodicea, we are adding another section to the site that has to do with learning how to share what we have been given with those that ask. We hope to show the vast difference between “preaching” and “teaching”. The idea being that a good teacher will always learn more than the student. We are coming on a time where we will need to “know that we know” we must become good teachers in order to learn ourselves deeply enough to make it through the tests and trials that are coming.

Sharing is Teaching

This area of our site is devoted to training our people how to teach what they have been given to others and in so doing learn themselves far more deeply than before.

The Knock

This area teaches about the Knock of Jesus Christ found in Revelation 3:20. it is very important for the Body of Christ to understand.