2017–a Dangerous Year

https://youtu.be/NswQtPH5LDs Published on Jan 3, 2017 by Norbert Link The Standing Watch Program 2016 ended as it began--with uncertainty, fear, violence and tremendous upheaval. It appears that 2017 will be worse. Are the dark days of the 1930's upon us, as Prince...

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Israel Betrayed by USA

https://youtu.be/DfREDGO2iLA "Obama Backstabs Israel." With this headline, the Drudge Report introduced the Obama Administration’s decision to abstain from, rather than veto a resolution by the UN Security Council, condemning Israeli settlements. Israel, as well as US...

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Is Laodicea the “Snowflake Generation”/ERA of the Church?

I have been reading a lot lately about the "Snowflake Generation". This term is used to describe people who are offended by things that they do not agree with. Mr. Bowles mentioned in the last post "In America, the problems start in the universities, where the...

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