(UpdateSome health care Industry officials have begun putting employees on alert as to the “real” possibility of caring for patients who may have been exposed to the Ebola virus through “work or travel”. Workers are being advised and being given information about the virus to fully educate themselves to understand the disease and alleviate concerns.)

072312-blackhorseJust as recent headlines began boasting of an improved US economy along with declining homicide rates,  the slightly better news is quickly being  overshadowed by fresh new crisis. The most recent announcement is of the Ebola epidemic which now rages through West Africa. Fueling the fire are  concerns about drinking water in Ohio…either of which carries the threat of spreading across the country.

The nation’s health officials are trying at best to assure the public that the US is very well equipped to handle the devastating pestilence, still many worry of a possible spread after two infected Americans were brought back from the African Continent. At last count the number of  infected was over 1600 with the disease claiming the lives of nearly 900 .

Another crisis making headlines is the lack of Drinking water in Ohio which comes with a warning of precaution to other US states and hopes that none will  follow suit.  This is in the face of  the fact that environmental officials are already on alert due to a Fresh Water Crisis. National

Many wonder what in the world is going on with these crisis occurring one after another. But for some time God’s Chosen have been on  alert to today’s dire conditions as was prophesized long ago. Matthew 24:7  In the meantime as the World falls into a state of fear, the instruction from Mr. Armstrong and his subsequent works through the Word  is for us to continue to “watch”  as well as  pay close attention to preparation. To assist God’s people in knowing what to do, the Good News Magazines offers a checklist for Eternal life. Good News May-1981, pg. 5

As devastating events quickly come upon us with renewed intensity each day, God the Father has a promise to those who choose to obey his Word…. Divine assurances which serve as a comfort in escalating and trying times. Psalms 91:1-16