This site is reaching out to a broad segment of the Church of God. Many who have become confused over doctrinal issues or have not been able to find a suitable church home.

Because of this we sometimes post material that we do not fully agree with in order to invite discussion. We do believe that brethren should be able to discuss what is on their minds and I believe that the Holy Spirit will lead us to the truth.

For instance we do believe here in top down government yet there have been abuses and a discussion how how these happen can lead to understanding about how to keep them from happening.

We are not a church here, by that I mean we do not post a set of doctrines and tell you that you must believe all of that to be a part of this fellowship. We do try to hold fast to those doctrinal issues that we were given by Mr. Armstrong. We hold him to be both the Elijah that was foretold to come and an Apostle sent by God to the Philadelphia ERA of His Church.

But we do entertain questions and we try to answer them by the word of God. We have a number of well seasoned members as well as a few ministers who work with us to help fill any needs that arise.

Just wanted to as an announcement type post to try and clarify that subject a bit.

Raymond Mills