As you can read below, the stated reason for the closure of ALL foreign embassies around the world is due to a Strike by Union workers in the Foreign Ministry and yet better cover story to get their people out of harms way and not alert Iran that they are planning a strike against their nuclear facilities.

The whole thing seemed kind of scary to me so I thought I would at least send out a food for thought alert.

Foreign Ministry goes on strike, all Israel’s embassies and consulates abroad to close

03/23/2014 15:50

Services needed for everybody from new immigrants to employers bringing in foreign workers will be brought to a halt.


Foreign Ministry
Protest banners on Foreign Ministry building in Jerusalem: The fight for home starts abroad Photo: Courtesy

Foreign Ministry’s workers committee declared a full-fledged strike on Sunday, closing the ministry and all the country’s embassies and consulates around the world for the first time.

The strike is the latest development in a nearly two-year-old work dispute that the workers declared for improved salaries and work conditions.

Seven months of mediation efforts exploded on March 4 when the workers rejected a Finance Ministry proposal.

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