Prophecy mapContributing Editors: Chris Westricks

All eyes are set on the United States to see exactly how much weight the US carries after a blatant move by the Russian Parliament giving its unequivocal stamp of approval to President Vladimir Putin to use military force in Ukraine. The action came just 24-hours after President Obama warned Russia to “back off” from interfering with the sovereignty of the Ukranian Government, threatening there will be “cost” if Russia does so. Those words apparently fell on deaf ears. President Putin is said to very clearly understand the implications of his military action. In addition, Moscow called the Russian ambassador back from the US after a speech by President Obama Friday urging Russia to respect the independence and territory of the Ukraine. Soon after, the White House suspended US participation in G8 Prep meetings with Russia. Tensions reportedly increased when Ukraine’s acting President Oleksandr Turchynov made a late night announcement ordering the country’s armed forces to be at “full readiness because of the threat of “potential aggression”. A 90-minute phone call from the White House to the Putin Administration seems to have met with defiance as Russia continues to stand its ground saying it is justified in sending some 15-thousand troops into Ukrainian territory first it said to “protect the black naval fleet” and then later to protect “ethnic Russians” in the area. The swift and surprising action of Russia is raising fears that it will send relations with the US back to the cold war state. However threats to possibly impose economic and trade sanctions on Russia neither seems to be of no consequence as Putin is reportedly likely to increase military presence in the area. In the meantime fighting among pro-Russian supporters and those opposing is escalating in the area and the West is being blamed for starting all of it…Events which we who are watching for our own purposes are well aware of as Jesus spoke of them long ago. Matthew 24:6-7. Whether the US will see fit to take military action is yet to be seen but Russia’s move could not have come at a more ironic time. Less than a week ago, the Pentagon announced plans to shrink the US military to pre-World War 2 level. New York Times- Article. Whether this event will be the trigger into a more significant part of end time prophecy remains to be seen. Either way it appears there’s an inevitable slide downward taking place with the end result being a major conflict with Europe. An event which is the subject of prophecy and of discussion of religious concerns for many years. Community Church web member Mr. Chris Westricks reminds us of a quote from Mr. Armstrong in his 1985 Co Worker letter: In the prophecy of Daniel 2:44, (the above map) shows the 10 toes representing these 10 nations as five in Eastern and five in Western Europe. Apparently they must come together before the prophecy of Revelation 17 and Daniel 2:44 can be fulfilled. The stone cut without hands (verse 34) represents Christ returning as King of kings to set up the Kingdom of God on earth Daniel 2 , as you probably know, was a vision that Daniel Gave God’s interpretation to the ancient Babylonian king. It shows the succession of Gentile world empires that would rule throughout history. This World Tomorrow Telecast by Herbert Armstrong is very interesting as he talks about this image in Daniel 2 and its meaning. [youtube][/youtube] Current events are well worth watching as the World marches full speed ahead into God’s end time prophecies. We will continue on alert with the primary goal of avoiding being caught in a “snare” as that day approaches. Mic. 7:4