Both military and white house officials are becoming both dismayed and alarmed at the increasing number of Americans reportedly found to be aligning themselves with terror groups.

As a result, government officials have been extremely careful about the publicizing of any exact number of US citizens knowingly committing the act. However, officials do confirm that they’ve discovered that there are a number of people on our soil who have become what many are now calling “turncoats –American Isis fighters-

In addition, reeling from complaints that the US government is having zero success in stamping out desires in our homeland to turn and fight on the Syrian Battlefield, officials are reportedly stepping up their efforts to closely monitor those who are suspected of carrying out the act. FBI surveillance-

The stakes are not only high but just as deadly as the US continues to defend itself. Three westerners were beheaded recently with promises of more blood shed from the terror group ISIS in response to retaliation from America.  The Boston Globe offers an opinion as to why  this type of warfare. Boston

To hear of such activity is extremely troubling to many who continuously wonder what is going on with the world? Still, the question could be asked whether this is yet but another small preclude to the coming events prophesied to happen to American and Britain.

Several decades ago, Mr. Herbert Armstrong took an in-depth look at the question of our future as it relates to a number of incidents that will culminate into the destruction of the world as we know it today. One such missive was published in the Plain Truth Article in June 1955 entitled “What will happen to America and Britain.” (Plain Truth pt. 6 (vol. XX no. 5)

“Here is the most astounding prophecy for our time. The future Can Be Known-God reveals it. You can thus know in advance the shocking turn of events which will soon stagger our peoples!”-Mr. Herbert Armstrong

As we prepare, stay on alert and watch as the end time draws near, we are also encouraged by Christ himself to shine as examples in an ever darkening world. It is our sincere hope that God will “shine” his glorious light on those who earnestly seek His Truth while the Heavenly Father can still be found.  Matthew 5:14