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Costs are on the rise for a significant segment of America’s aging population who face increased needs for long term health care. In fact, over the next 40 years, government officials estimate at least 70 percent of those over the age of 65 will need some type of long term care services or support during their lifetime. Medicaid-‎.

In addition to the impact that cost and caring for the aged will have on family and livelihoods, equally troubling is the fact that options for paying for it will steadily decline. In the meantime while millions have rushed to sign up for the government’s new health care initiative, questions still linger over how government will pay for actual claims. Obamacare Debate-.

The issue of money vs. affordable health care is a dilemma unlikely to resolve itself anytime soon. America’s Health Insurance Plan group (AHIP) reports that health care spending eats up a whopping one-sixth of the US economy. Additionally, the percentage is projected to rise each year as the quality of care declines. AHIP report-.

While the world rages on about the health care crisis and the associated costs, a shocking truth was revealed concerning  a major contributing factor to the reason we may be in this crisis in the first place. Consider an article written in Mr. Armstrong’s Plain Truth Magazine  more than 50 years ago. Author Mr. David Jon Hill wrote: “The truth is that modern medical practices are producing more diseased conditions and creating more new illnesses than they are curing!”The Sick American-”

No doubt American’s relationship with prescription drugs has not only become addictive, but it has evolved into being abusive and deadly with related deaths well into the thousands each year. In Fact, back in 2011, a White House study called the prescription drug abuse problem an “epidemic”. White House Response

While there is no specific reference to drugs or abuse of them in the scriptures, 1 Corinthians 6:12-17 holds a special message for God’s called out ones as the apostle Paul admonishes us to glorify God in Body and Spirit. In addition, those of us who face trials in our health can be inspired by Philippians 4:6-9 to calm us when in trouble and on the verge of being overwhelmed by the cares of this world.