untitledBy the COGCW News Team

As the pendulum continues its slow swing toward the declination of this nation, economic indicators continue to show us exactly where we are in the decline beginning with the recently released jobs report.

Economic officials released figures earlier this month showing the unemployment rate slipped down to 5.8 percent compared to 7.2 Percent in 2013. Good news right? Wrong! America expressed the reason best by casting the majority of their ballots for republicans in the recent November elections… dissatisfaction that has sent a message loud and clear to America’s President Barack Obama. Even with massive wins, the Republicans  still have to fight for a much needed makeover as well as contend with an uphill battle with the President.  Republicans win-

It all boils down to our paychecks. Angry public sentiment is geared toward the fact that although more people are back on the job rolls, wages continue to lag. In fact, worker’s pay is reportedly barely keeping up with historically low inflation.-No Celebrations-   The current state of affairs has even prompted some news organizations to nickname the economy. Yahoo News-Digest-

The dismal scenario America  is facing continues to be forewarned in the Word of God in Leviticus 26: 1-46. Furthermore even though a large majority of us work long hours to make those hard earned dollars, money continues to slip like sand through the fingers…Our Heavenly Father makes clear why this phenomenon is happening in Haggai 1:6

The December 1974 issue of the Good News magazines takes a more in-depth look into God’s Word as to the “Real Cause of World Financial Crisis” and it gives a solution for those caught up in the madness. (prelim no. 12) pg.28

“The nations of the world are facing economic turmoil. Why do prices keep going up? Why do we have inflation, recessions and continual financial crises? There are answers. God’s Word sheds light on the mysteries of today’s confused economics”. By Robert C. Boraker

In the Spirit of Zephaniah 1:6, those of us who choose to keep God’s commandments and statues are reminded to endure and keep the faith while remaining ever so watchful as the World continues its descent into the tribulation.