By the COGCW News Team

From Article in Daily Mail UK

The words of Christ in Matthew 10:22 are ringing true in these latter days as the instance of a child committing the atrocious act of murdering a parent appears more frequent of late. In fact what was once a rare and unheard of occurrence in the United States is now the norm.
The more recent news is of a daughter who is now charged with the murder of her mother after plotting the crime a boyfriend.

Only a few days earlier a Texas teen was reportedly accused of killing his parents because of their harsh discipline.

The stories go on and on. The subject is a difficult one and only few studies have been conducted on why children commit such crimes. In 2012, 48 hours took a close look at the behaviors and acts behind parricide, patricide and matricide.

For God’s Chosen, what is happening with today’s youth is yet but another sign of the time in prophecy as conditions worsen in these latter days. For those who choose to look to God’s Word when having difficulty with children, there is direction provided under the direction inspired by  the Word and works of Mr. Armstrong .  In fact an extensive series on child rearing can be perused to assist us when seeking spiritual guidance on child rearing. We are also reminded in the Plain Truth, that “Criminals are made, not born” Volume XXVI -PT Dec. 1961 number K-pg. 15

According to the Words of Christ, events will continue to wax worse. Matthew 24: 4-12. In the meantime, we as God’s servants can also rest assure that the Heavenly Father is with us all along the way. Amos 3:17 As always, we will continue the Watch to avoid being caught unawares as the Day of Christ’s return draws nigh. 1 Corinthians 16:13


Additional Material from the United Kingdom circa 2010:

Number of child criminals ‘has jumped by 13% under Labour’

Almost 160 children are convicted of crime every day, official figures show.

The young offenders even include ten-year-olds who have attacked police officers. A total of 57,635 under-16s were found guilty in court in 2008.