I was speaking with a friend and brother in Christ and the conversation began to get a little intense because we couldn’t agree over a specific issue.

My friend had come across a website, I think it might have even been one from our people. But it made the claim that God had designed the human in

such a way that we are hard wired to sin. That we cannot help ourselves it is the nature of what we are.

I could not agree with that because I have always felt that we have always the opportunity to make the right choice.

But he made statements quoting scriptures that stated that “the mind of man is enmity against God, that it cannot understand God’s ways, that the heart of man is desperately wicked.

It is true there are many many scriptures that indicate that without God’s help mankind will always make the wrong decision.

Mr. Armstrong used to teach us that we are only half formed, that man was made for the Holy spirit to be a part of him to make him complete and I fully concur with that. But does that mean that as physical human beings we have no choice but to sin?

You start to thinking about this and it just kind of starts to roll around inside my brain with out coming to any clear consensus in my thinking.

The only thing I kept coming back to was that God said we had a choice and that apparently we could make the right choice or else why give us a choice to start with?

Also if we don’t really have a choice apart from God giving us what we need to make that choice, then have any of us prior to our calling really sinned? If we are hardwired to sin to the point where we cannot avoid sinning then wouldn’t that make God responsible and not ourselves? And if that is the case the why did Christ have to die for our sins?

You see what I mean, this gets to be really tough to chew on. You remember the story that introduces “Robbie the Robot” He was programmed to not do some things but he was also programmed to obey so if he was commanded to do something that he was programmed not to do he went into a kind of  electronic meltdown. Unable to function until the command was rescinded.

I kind of feel that way now. I need some of you brethren that can really think clearly and logically to help out with the answer to this. I am a more of an intuitive thinker. I jump in my mind from concept to concept to arrive at a clear conclusion. Works most of the time for me but this problem I think needs clear analytical thinking to arrive at a proper conclusion and explanation.

Any of you clear headed thinkers out there want to take a shot at answering this one?