Being ResponsibleIt’s sad how the human mind works sometimes.

I was considering how a Christian should be a responsible person in bible study one evening and as I began to dig into it a little more I saw that I did not quite have it down right in my head. Maybe this is just me but I still thought perhaps I could share it in hopes that it might be of help to others.

You see when I thought of being responsible I thought of being responsible for my actions and being willing to accept the fact that we have sinned or done something wrong for which there should be punishment. Realizing that Christ paid the ultimate penalty for us, many times we still have to live with the consequences of sin in our lives. I accepted that and dealt with it accordingly.

Yet there is more to being responsible than just accepting the consequences. If we are truly being responsible then we should also be trustworthy. Meaning we should be make our selves responsible to not sin in the first place. Just accepting the responsibility for our sins does nothing to stop our sins.

I needed to become more proactive with sin. Think about how David considered this problem:

Psa 1:2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

In order to be sure that he did not break any of God’s laws David suggests that we meditate in the law constantly so we don’t break them without knowing. The point is he took a proactive approach to sin. He learned in advance how to make the right decisions about sin before he was tempted.

The problem with the Laodicean ERA of the church is that they are not being proactive as regards sin. They are not really trying to find and root out all the sin in their lives. They have grown so accustomed to living a certain standard that they do not see the depths of sin in their lives and cannot therefore overcome them.

We need to take the time daily to search our selves for the hidden sins that lurk just below the surface. Sins and actions based on Pride and Ego. Things that demonstrate that we may have a lack of true love for others. Emotional upheavals that might indicate that we do not have the patience and endurance that is a fruit of God’s Spirit.