COGCW News Team: this news post is from Steven M Collins Website covering some interesting developments following the shooting at the recruitment centers.


This post will discuss a development that I think many readers of this blog will find interesting. It is a story about a distinctly American kind of phenomenon that would be an impossibility in most other nations. Since this blog has readers from 120-130 nations each month, I think many non-Americans would like some commentary on this matter.

First some background comments: in most nations the military are heavily armed and the civilians have no weapons. In America, it is the military which has been almost entirely disarmed and it is the civilians who are heavily armed. Think about the oddity of that fact for a moment. As every reader no doubt knows, five members of the US military (4 marines and 1 sailor) were gunned down like sheep at the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, when they were attacked by an Islamic shooter. The military personnel were slaughtered because they were not allowed to carry any weapons to defend themselves. This situation is even more incomprehensible when we realize that this kind of atrocity has happened before. A few years ago, another Islamic shooter killed 22 US army military personnel on a military base because they too were all unarmed (by order of the US government). Incredibly, the US government, even though it knows that US military personnel could be attacked by “lone wolf” Islamic shooters who are being radicalized by such groups as ISIL/ISIS, still is not allowing US military personnel to protect themselves. This is absurd. Military personnel are trained to handle weaponry responsibly and professionally. They should be be armed now that radical Islamic groups have them under threat.

Because President Obama and the US Defense Department still do not allow US military recruiters (or many other types of on-duty military personnel) to defend themselves against Islamic (or other) attackers, patriotic American civilians have asserted their Second Amendment right to bear arms and have decided to protect US military personnel themselves–posting themselves in potential harms way directly outside military recruitment centers. A wave of US governors have also issued orders for their state’s National Guard members to be armed in the aftermath of the Chattanooga shooting, as the first link reports. In an informational note to non-American readers, each of the 50 US states has a military force under the leadership of each state’s governor. They can be called out to respond to weather disasters and any kind of situation that could threaten the security of each state’s citizens and property. They can back up the US federal military when necessary. The states’ National Guards have army, navy and air force specialties and train on the same weaponry used by the national US military forces. For example, in my state and city, the South Dakota Air National Guard flies combat F-16s. The USA has individual states with National Guard forces that are more heavily armed and formidable than some foreign nations’ organized military forces.

The first link lists 13 states that have already armed their National Guards and a later link indicates another state, Utah, may also soon do so. It is not only conservative states that are taking this action. Deeply liberal California has joined this movement and other states that voted for Obama in the most recent election have done so as well. These civilian protective actions are especially strong in Texas (second link), but civilians in many states (besides the ones where governors have armed their National Guards) have also taken up arms to protect military personnel. This has happened in my home state of South Dakota (third link). There are many media stories on this development, and I’ve included the fourth link to give readers many press options to review. The fifth link (from the British Daily Mail website) refers to the armed American citizens as “vigilantes.” In America, I think I speak for most Americans when I say we regard them as selfless “heroes.” The British nation has largely disarmed their citizens so they are as helpless as sheep in the event of a terrorist attack. Americans are far more likely to be able to defend themselves. The first link reports that some policeman are also joining the effort to protect US military personnel, and the sixth link mentions a thwarted terrorist attack that some non-Americans may not have heard about. Two terrorists (claimed by ISIL as their own) with body armor and assault weapons were about to gun down innocent Texans when a Texas policeman, armed with only a pistol, quickly shot them both dead before they killed anyone. There is a phrase known in America which is: “Don’t mess with Texas.” There is some truth in that statement. As the Texas police officer demonstrated, in Texas they can shoot fast and they shoot straight.

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