Chain Reference


Scripture Reference


 Mark 1:14-15

We must first believe Christ’s gospel to be baptized

Note: The English word gospel comes from an old
Angle Saxon word godspel meaning good news,
The original Greek Word euaggelizo also means go
od news or joyful message. It is the good news of
God’s coming Kingdom and His plan to enable us
to live in His Kingdom for eternity.

2. Acts 8:35-38

We must believe in Jesus Christ as our God and Savior.

Note: The Greek word that is translated in the
English versions as belief is pistis. (Strong’s
Concordance #4102). This word in the original
language implies reliance and trust in, as well as
simple belief. Not only must we believe in
Christ as the Son of God, but we must also rely
upon Him as Saviour to help in all areas of
our life.