Editor – Here is an article that illustrates the Knock Message. This what we must do to open the door to Christ so He can come in and sup with us.

The end-time is fast approaching.  Time is short, and Jesus Christ is returning soon to establish the Kingdom of God.  How is all of this going to be worked out?  God’s people are not of one mind on this particular subject.

Some of the brethren are putting their faith in the wrong places.  Many brethren are settled and complacent – they are satisfied with everything.

That is the very reason that Jesus issues His warnings to the last Church era.  All the brethren agree that our faith must be in God only, but then so many relinquish their faith to the wiles of some organization of men.

We lost our focus back there.  When Worldwide Church of God broke up, so many people went looking for the right replacement organization.  Our focus must be on God and His will.  Do we primarily talk to God in prayer?  Do we listen to His response in His Word – the Bible?