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Few subjects hold the riveted interest of students of the Bible than what is commonly referred to as scenarios of ‘the End of the World’.  Owing to a low level of familiarity with what the Bible actually reveals about the long-term future, the general awareness, and its resulting consensus, represents the great Battle of Armageddon as being the ‘final battle’, or series of events, ending all human life on Earth.


This booklet is designed to acquaint the sincere seeker of Truth and Understanding with information not usually presented in established church denominations.  Much is left to ‘the professionals’ under the presumption that their denomination’s scholars, who profess to understand such matters, are adequately informed and are able to accurately represent the full Truth of God’s Word on the subject.  Most rest quite comfortably, taking the position that we need not attempt to investigate incongruities ourselves, as their esteemed theologians’ conclusions are well documented.


What is absent in the spectacular scenarios presented by well-known eschatologists is an accurate presentation of what the world condition will be like after this ‘last battle’ occurs.  Bible Prophecy reveals a whole new age beyond this momentous event.


It’s the purpose of that new age, often referred to as ‘the millennial Kingdom’, that is by far the greater story.  Not only that there is to be a new societal condition beyond the end of this age, but that it has a far greater purpose than any main-stream denomination represents in their presentations.  To understand that new age, believers must have a general awareness of the major doctrines of the Christian religion, those being: the process of conversion, the receipt of God’s Holy Spirit, the resurrections from the dead, and the assignment of the individual to ‘eternal life’, being provided immortality by a flesh-to-spirit change as is explicitly revealed in places such as 1st Corinthians chapter 15:  And, not to disregard, the understanding of the world-ruling Millennial Kingdom of God on Earth and its all-important purposes.


What is a profound enigma among average churchgoers, or their leadership for that matter, is the question of why so many peoples (the overwhelming majority) remain unconverted at their times of death.  In fact, it is the rare individual through history that has had an opportunity for Salvation.  Few in human societies were adequately evangelized until the last 2000 years, and only a minority during those millennia were provided a full and fair opportunity to repent (which is a “God given” ability) a pre-condition to being led through the conversion experience. Then, there are the multiple millions who died in infancy or too young to be reasonably aware of what repentance and conversion is.  Are these all consigned to everlasting torments in hell fire?


While Bible students are aware of the adage that, “God is not willing that any should perish”, they just don’t understand what provision God has made in His Overall Plan to provide all who have ever lived with the opportunity to pursue Conversion and to attain Eternal Life.  That is the profound subject that this booklet will present.


Set aside former perceptions so that God’s Truth may resound clearly in your mind. The ‘Battle of Armageddon’ is NOT the end of the world!


Rich Traver


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