Editors Note: Below is a response by Rich Traver to the Question asked above. I thought I would reprint it here as there is much about it to consider.

Yes.  I saw it early on (tho’ it has been present in every age) in the WCG.  I realize you haven’t asked about the Laodicean ERA, but a Laodicean attitude.  In the WCG we were TRAINED to look right at things being done, by the ministry and others, even the highest ranking ministry, and conclude that we should DO NOTHING WHATSOEVER about it!!  We were TRAINED to BE Laodicean, while deluding ourselves that we had the ‘brotherly love’ that defines what a Philadelphian IS!  Then, when doctrinal changes came along, we took the same approach, we did absolutely nothing about it.  When those like the Flurryites began doing the same thing, people who IMAGINED that they were in fact Philadelphians, did the same Laodicean thing.  They refused to DO ANYTHING to correct matters!   The Laodicean attitude is of the persuasion that we need do NOTHING about things, “God will correct it”.  (When in fact, HE might have put the matters before us to test us as to what we would do about it.)  In many ways, WE FAILED, and lost our church as a result.   Those who think they’re OK, despite having no passion for what is right or against what is not right, are the people of this question.   RT

Editors Note: As I am publishing this it came to mind that (PASSION in other words ZEAL)  is exactly what God says is missing in this ERA of His Church. Also They are identified by Christ as those who think they are OK, that they have NEED OF NOTHING. Rich’s response to that simple question just keeps on resonating more the longer you look at it.