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By the COGCW NEWS Team

A check on the pulse of world events as they relate to prophecy is showing that an undercurrent of change is in full force. Reports are now surfacing that children in the worlds’ most affluent countries have now fallen into poverty.

Economic officials blame the Great Recession for the plunge after a study revealed that children’s well-being began to suffer in 2008. Since that time, the number of children reportedly effected has swollen to the tune of more than 76-Million. More surprising is that  the report shows that children in the US are being  hardest hit. Huffington Post –

America’s slow descent has not gone unnoticed. Economic observers are keeping a close eye out on conditions and are on edge and in fear and dread of a total economic collapse. Economic Collapse blog

Warnings of Famine have been in prophecy since ancient times and God’s ministers have and still are sounding the alarm to prepare those for what lies ahead. Tomorrow’s World magazine gives us even more insight as to what to expect. Most importantly, our elders thru God’s inspiration give instructions on what God’s people can do to prepare and escape what’s in store for an ever disobedient world. (Famine in Prophecy – Tomorrow’s World 1969, Vol. No. 06. Pg. 18)

As Always, We as God’s chosen are remaining on alert and heeding the Ezekiel Warning as we continue to admonish one another as we prepare for Christ’s return. Ezekiel 3: 16-21