A Major Factor in the Church of God, even in the Present Era, is the Dynamic of the Authority granted to the ministry. Certain organizations have declared that“It’s all about Government”. What role does “Government” rightfully play in the Church, and How should WE Respond to it?

Authority, and the exercise thereof, is not a new thing among the communities of men. From the time of Nimrod, at least, we have documentation of the feral desire, embedded deep within the human drive mechanism, to scheme, connive and to fight to take control over other individuals. Nimrod was declared a “mighty hunter before the Lord” as early as chapter 10 of Genesis. Nimrod is mentioned specifically as being a founder of cities, no doubt under his own firm control. It says of him in verse 8 of Genesis 10 that “he began to be a mighty one on the earth”. In these ancient biblical genealogies few are given the amount of narrative as Nimrod.

Not long before the reign of Nimrod, the earth had become hopelessly corrupted, making necessary a great Universal Flood, which effectively erased and started human society and religion all over again.


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