This chapter of the book The End-Time Church is indeed food for thought. In most of the congregations of the Body of Christ, I cannot see how, short of leaving, opposing a minister who is abusing his position can lead to anything worthwhile. If everyone threatened to leave, maybe. At any rate let me know what you think about this somewhat controversial chapter of the book. – Editor

Christ laid down specific Instructions regarding HOW His Disciples and ministers were to conduct themselves as Overseeing ‘Shepherds’ of His Flocks. In varying degrees, those instructions have been reasoned around. What should WE as members do in response to any disregard of Christ’s mandate?



Knowing well the natural tendencies buried deep within the human psyche, Christ saw need to explain the distinct difference He expected His True Disciples to operate under when overseeing their administrative responsibilities within His Church. He explained that there is a WAY that one would typically encounter when dealing with any political entity in the world. He clearly mandated that His servants were to NOT operate on a similar basis.


You Will NOT Be That Way!

On at least two separate occasions, the matter came up among and between the disciples as to who among them would be the greatest. The first recorded occasion was as they approached Jericho in the final few weeks of Christ’s ministry on earth. That occasion is recorded in Mark 10:42-45 and Matthew 20:25-28. For some unexplainable reason, the matter wasn’t fully resolved in their minds, as it arose again, on of all occasions, at the Passover meal just before Christ was taken for trial! That other account is in Luke 22:25-27.


For convenience here, I include a single composite rendition of the ‘near Jericho’ accounts.

Chapter 13 | Oppose Overlording | The End-Time Church