The Modern Era of God’s Church was provided Extraordinary opportunity and means of Proclaiming the Gospel to the World. Unfortunately, it also developed within itself a Culture containing the Elements of its own Demise!


There once was a husbandman who had many sheep. These were no ordinary sheep. They were new stock carefully selected by His Father to be the progenitors of a master flock, intended to create a breed of the finest sheep possible. The husbandman was also the heir of a vast estate, which required he delegate the care of his flocks while he attended to matters of great importance elsewhere.


The husbandman assigned one hundred of his specially selected young lambs to each of various local shepherds. And not just any caretakers, but those whom he had personally trained and in whom he had placed great confidence. These selected lambs were too valuable to not receive the utmost care and protection that they would need. Upon departing, he instructed the shepherds, “dutifully feed these my special lambs”.


After a lengthy assignment, dealing with the affairs of his estate, the husbandman returned and inquired as to the state of his now grown sheep. Expecting the flocks to have grown considerably, he was chagrined to find in the first flock he encountered, that there were but eighteen sheep remaining, and of those, few were strong.

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