Two Potent Parables, given by Christ, illustrate an all too Common Approach people take. What is Most Unfortunate is when Religious Institutions work to Encourage and even Enforce ‘laying-up’ ones’ God Given Talents!


In a memorable 1999 film, “The Sixth Sense”, a young boy, played by child actor Haley Osment, portrayed one having the ability to see ghosts. He confided in his co-star, I see dead people!” From what became a famous line, I pose one similar, which may illustrate an all too prevalent condition within God’s Church in the modern era.

God made it very clear that He gives spiritual gifts (Talents / Pounds) to those who show the potential of making profitable use of them. So important was this factor, that he gave two insightful parables that have obvious application to His Church. But does the point of these parables interest the average churchgoer? And, what does it have to do with how we live and how we apply ourselves to the commission Christ set before His True Disciples?

Designated Commissioners?

Is the Great Commission something intended to be exclusively placed in the hands of a few leaders, or is there a greater effort which we all should be attentive to? Did God intend that the conduct of His Commission be tightly regulated by individuals He may not have chosen for prominence and may or may not be able to really use? After all,whole organizations have been known to have become apostate, not the least of which and not the last of which is the Church of the early second century. In large part, that was the result of an increasingly powerful organization. The answer to this question is what can determine what kind of laborers we choose to be, if we’re content to exist as just passive supporters or as motivated participants?

Another factor is also involved. Believers come at this question under two different approaches. First, our personal response to our high calling, which may express the tendency to comfortably sit on the sidelines, letting others carry all the weight, and secondly, being set aside into a sedentary status by others, situations where believers are actively discouraged from, and even prevented, from be-coming active participants in directly proclaiming God’s Truth. Where this can impose a ‘problem’, seen from either side, is when God entrusts certain Talents to individuals. HE places individuals in His Church as He sees fit. HE provides talents, abilities and opportunities as He sees fit. Power structures that can become established in church organizations may not be fully amenable to who is so entrusted and when. The point is, what happens when God sees fit but when a leadership doesn’t?

This is an area that calls for careful consideration.              

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