Two Insightful Parables Exhort God’s Servants to Diligently Apply Themselves in Bringing Forth Appropriate Fruits. But Cultures within Churches can also have their Role by Promoting or by Prohibiting in the Fields of Opportunity.

Within the collective Body of Christ down through the ages, one constant dynamic has been in play. God incessantly provides, through the indwelling of His Spirit, Gifts and a Power by which to grow in grace, knowledge and in service. Not only is it a gift, but one that also carries with it a clear and present mandate!

Two parables, spoken among His Disciples, later in His Ministry, are found in Luke chapter 19 and Matthew chapter 25. In Luke 19, we are presented a variation in which three servant recipients are awarded Pounds (minas – a monetary term) in varying amounts, but with the active ‘producers’ using what they are given to bring an increase of similar proportion. Each doubles what he was entrusted with by which to produce. This would suggest we are not all given identical opportunities, despite perhaps having similar personal aptitudes.

In the Matthew 25 account, each chosen servant is given identical Talents, but return back to their Master varying increases, in proportion to their personal efforts. In this account, the opportunity appears the same, but the yield varies, in proportion to the efforts each puts forth and the situations under which each recipient operates.

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