Editor: Here is the final installment of the Book The End-Time Church of God
The Bride’s Challenge: Making Herself Ready

A Matter of Great Interest and a Teaching receiving Major Embrace in the Church involves Saints being Protected in Tribulation in the very End Time.


Under-Explained is the Contrasting Situation seen in Revelation’s Fifth Seal.




There is always a certain appeal to the idea of our escaping out of a difficult situation .An old booklet that drew requests in great numbers a generation ago was titled “There IS a Way of Escape”, which dealt with the impending Great Tribulation, that multi-year time of extreme trials prophesied for the human race, in particular God’s Saints, just prior to what is called ‘the end of this age’, or more simply, ‘the End’. There was a very positive response to what this booklet offered. After all, who wouldn’t like to be spared from experiencing their own personal holocaust?




Major doctrinal premises were built around the idea of the ‘escape’ of the more faithful among God’s end-time Saints, with ‘the rest’ being left to the ravages of whatever circumstance was their lot that Satan’s wrath would surely bring upon them. It was comforting to realize, THAT wasn’t to be US! Those premises appear to a certain degree to be quite valid, based on clearly stated events in places such as Revelation chapter 12. Where questions developed was with the apparently coincident circumstance seen in Revelation chapter 6. After the opening of the first four seals, images we’re more familiar referring to as the ‘Four Horsemen’, false religion, war, famine and death. 1 The fifth seal describes the spirits of martyred Saints crying out for revenge on those who persecuted them, but with the response to their pleas being that they must wait for yet a little more time to pass until their modern counterparts should meet similar fates as had they! This passage introduces for us what is generally known as the ‘end-time martyrdom of Saints’.


Seeing the contrast, of some being protected, and seeing also that some obviously are not protected, explanations were posed that these unprotected saints were in some way spiritually inferior to those who would be protected. It was strongly inferred, and in some cases bluntly shouted out, that these were to be put through extreme persecutions as a result of their being spiritually lethargic. The Laodicean syndrome.2 It did make some sense. At least, it did IF we didn’t also factor-in other passages having bearing on this same era.

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