Identified in the Book of Revelation, this Party of ‘Progressive’ Individuals is pointedly identified as Promoting a Culture within God’s Church that Christ specifically says, “He HATES!” The question is, Do We?


We would have to wonder, that when Jesus Christ specifically goes on record, more than once, as despising a certain party of individuals acting to influence the overall direction of His Church, why would anyone be casual about identifying the particular characteristics of those individuals, and not being careful of inadvertently embracing their theology? Then again, was it their theology, PER SE, or another component that they brought in?

While the name “Nicolaitan” is fairly well known in religious circles, have our various denominations ever put sufficient effort toward identifying exactly who these individuals were, (or are) and what activity it was that they promoted that was clearly so objectionable to Christ?

Do We do What?

The sub-title asks, “Do we?” Do we know what Nicolaitanism is, and do we have the mind of Christ and hate it as Christ does? And, if we in fact don’t know, then might we inadvertently accommodate it? Might we even promote it? It would be hard to be sure that we hate it as Christ does, if we’re unclear as to its true manifestation.

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