Editor’s note: Here is the next Chapter in Rich Traver’s new book: Considering the End-Time Church of God showing how a characteristic of our church formed to preserve unity in actual affect divides the brethren even more:

Few Attitudes that Churches employ Inhibit Fellowship to the Degree as does the Characteristic found in the WCG Genre. Under the Guise of Preserving Unity, the Church STILL continues to Promote a very Detrimental Posture among Members.


It doesn’t take long, when among congregations made up of people having a former Worldwide Church of God background, to experience subtle and not so subtle pressures upon the membership to distance themselves from contact with or inter-action with or even reading the literature of any other ‘brother’ organization. Though the ‘not a dime’s worth of difference’ mantra is often cited by objective observers of their various doctrinal positions,yet a barrier exists, one jealously guarded by the ministry, especially those that are of the ‘one-man’ orientation. That barrier accounts more to political considerations than any doctrinal difference, for the most part, yet it’s often touted as though it were express Biblical doctrine.

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