By The Cogcw Watch Team

Child RearingDevastating effects due to a lack of adherence to God’s Word when it comes to raising our children can be seen around the world when one looks at the state of children nowadays. This is in light of daily news reports involving violence and mental health issues among youth no matter their social economic background. Prov. 22:6

And while there are any number of reasons why parents are no longer in control of their children, one study suggest, as shocking as it sounds, that fear in the household may be a driving force. It appears that Proverbs 23:13-14 is an outdated concept in households of today. Empowering Parents

The mental health of children in these latter days is of major concern to parents, school and police officials and politicians alike. Gruesome scenes in various school yards and in homes around the country carried out by mentally disturbed youth give underlying testament to the fact. It’s a problem so prevalent in today’s society that the Centers for Disease Control began monitoring mental disorders of children ages 13-17. It found “millions of American children live with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, Tourette syndrome or a host of other mental health issues”.  CDC ‘s report on Children’s mental health

The Children’s Defense Fund has released voluminous statistics on the state of Children in America. The report gives a multitude of ills and issues effecting the children of our nation. CDF Report 

Through God’s Word and with help from the direction of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong , we as God’s Chosen are following the Father’s instruction as best we know how….Nevertheless with the state of today’s world, it still can be difficult especially for parents who have just come into the truth. The Good News International Church of God publication gives excellent direction to parents who look to GOD alone when raising their children. “Child Rearing in Today’s Sodom and Gomorrah-GN sept. 67″.

With the end of these latter days approaching faster as time marches by, we will continue our mission as Christ commanded to “Watch” as we know not the Hour when these earthly things shall pass away. Matt. 24:36