THE PLAIN TRUTH about…     MATTHEW 24:14


 Matthew 24:14 states that the True Gospel would be “preached in all the world as a witness to all nations, and THEN shall the “End Come.” Has this scripture been fulfilled? If so, WHY hasn’t Christ yet returned? Has the END COME? YOU NEED TO KNOW!



From time immemorial, certain “self appointed” individuals have come on the scene proclaiming that the “end time” was near at hand. Historically, even certain generations have felt that THEY TOO were living in the last days due to the trials and world turbulence of their day. For most today, it is easy to conjure up images of the proverbial doomsday preacher who anxiously paces the crowded city intersection, usually appearing somewhat crazy and wild-eyed . . . yelling out at the passing onlookers . . . “THE END IS NEAR-beware of Armageddon!”

Throughout the ages, many have falsely predicted that the “end time” was upon humanity. But it hasn’t been only the misguided individuals who felt strongly that Christ would return in their lifetime; many of the first century Church felt as though Christ would return in their lifetime; especially at times of great distress.

Consider the siege against Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple in (A.D. 69-70). To the early Christians, the destruction of the temple seemed to be a sure sign that Christ would be returning shortly thereafter; but the temple fell, and the end of this world and Christ’s return did not occur.

To this day, the continuation of this present evil world is still here with us. Today, an attitude of cynicism is the dominant mindset. Modern day skeptics now scoff and ridicule the fact that there really is such a designated period as “The End Time.” Why? Because many look back at past, failed predictions by false, doomsday prophets as proof that the reality of an end time period is just pure folly.

On the other hand, many others look at the first decade of the 21st century, and realize that they have witnessed: global unrest, terrorism, threats of nuclear proliferation and a world teetering on economic collapse. They can see daily news reporting great instability on the political and social landscape. Furthermore, many can see the obvious systematic destruction of the family which is essential for any strong society to survive. Because of these modern day realities, many who hold the opposite opinion of the scoffers believe that THIS IS “the end time.” How can one know if we have reached the “End Time” period?




Many of us, who have been reared in the modern world, have mistakenly taken for granted that our present society is a result of bits and pieces of knowledge that have been passed down and compiled from one previous generation to the next. One assumes that mankind, as a whole, has always been in a progressive mode of advancement.

The modern world of rapid advancement, in which we find ourselves today, is really no more than about 175 years old. The first man, Adam, was created nearly 6,000 years ago. Although our earth is undoubtedly multiple millions of years old, the Bible shows that God has set an overall 7,000 year master plan for mankind. God has decreed that six thousand years of this allotted time period would be a time “cut off—and apart” from Him; so that mankind can learn the hard lessons that they need to learn due to their rebellion against Him. But since the time of Adam, the collective world has been held captive by its captor, Satan the devil!

The time of the great worldwide flood occurred approximately 1,600 years after the time of Adam. It is difficult to tell how much advancement was made prior to the flood, but it is safe to assume that human advancement from post flood generations forward progressed slowly on a very even keel; advancement was nearly stagnant from generation to generation. It wasn’t until the printing press was invented approximately A.D. 1450 that knowledge would slowly begin to disseminate and certain material advancements would begin to take root.

As time advanced, the invention of printing made possible the mass dissemination of reading material, and the capability of compiling specific factual knowledge as written/printed record. The result of this compilation of knowledge led to the multiplication of this knowledge from generation to generation. This is what led to the rapid spread of information and knowledge that has built our modern society!




Since around the year of 1850 and onward, until its near apex (The 21st century), inventions of mechanical facilities have increased with astonishing momentum, catapulting mankind into first: the industrial age, then the nuclear age, and now, at present, the information/technological revolution!

Advancements in the world of science, such as the Human Genome Project have been utterly amazing! Scientists can now identify 20,000-25,000 genes in one human DNA strand, and can determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical based pairs that make up human DNA; then they store this amazing information in a humanly “designed brain”—a computer database! Today, even a person of average intelligence can review an enormous amount of data, facts, and information at the touch of his/her finger tips via the internet! Modern man’s multiplication of knowledge and advancement has literally exploded in our modern world!




Modern travel and communication today are accomplished in much less time in comparison to the mode of transportation and communication in times past, when traveling to a neighboring country, many times, could only be via foot or mule/horse/camel back which could take months or even years depending on how many miles and the type of terrain which had to be crossed to reach one’s destination. Such journeys today are very short in comparison. Just think, as far back as a century ago man still traveled across the United States by horse and wagon!

Today we see a far advanced world of travel and modern communication; Mankind can fly thousands of miles in mere hours and can travel around the world in a matter of a day. In our modern age of technological advancement, most have a cellular phone, and are able to be “connected” within seconds to those who press their finger to the button pad. Man can now connect within seconds by electronic internet (E-mail) or through a text message.

Ask yourself . . . why did mankind’s knowledge and way of life have very little advancement for thousands of years, up until recent times? Was there a reason for this seemingly precise timing? Is this timing (in which man’s fund of knowledge is ever increasing) a direct fulfillment of a prophetic sign that we are nearing the end of man’s rule apart from God?

Notice Daniel 12:4 “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, EVEN TO THE TIME OF THE END: Many shall RUN TO AND FRO, AND KNOWLEDGE SHALL BE INCREASED.” There are two very important keys in this verse to understanding the OFFICIAL END TIME PERIOD that God has inspired for our understanding . . .

  1. The words of the prophetic book of Daniel were ordered by God to be closed and sealed UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END; that means that God had set an “appointed time” for them to be OPENED and UNSEALED!
  2. At the time of the UNSEALING there was to be an appointed time when mankind would begin to RUN TO AND FRO, and KNOWLEDGE would be INCREASED!

This booklet has covered the 2nd point of the scripture first, intentionally; so that we can now prove when, and through whom the 1st point of the UNSEALING (of these once sealed prophecies of Daniel) would be unlocked and opened! When God decrees a specific time for any portion of His prophecies to unfold, He ALWAYS does it with EXACT PRECISION within His decreed prophetic time line! Never, does He permit an event, in His plan, to be even one minute off: either early or late!




By the mid 1920’s, GOD’S TIME HAD NOW COME for Him to send a man onto the world scene who would be used as HIS TOOL for unraveling this seemingly great jigsaw puzzle of prophecy that had, up to that time, been sealed to the world! The official time of the end time period was now at hand . . . precisely on time!

Along came a man who would be RAISED UP; and to whom God would give EXTRAORDINARY UNDERSTANDING in unscrambling the once SEALED books of Daniel and Revelation, in particular. God endowed this particular man with the gift of His Spirit of prophecy, giving him a marvelous understanding of the prophetic framework which was essential in UNLOCKING what had been sealed up for centuries; just as the book of Daniel said: this unsealing would occur at the time of the end.

Up until that precise season, mankind would attempt to explain prophecy by taking a few Bible passages and trying to make them fit into places where they didn’t belong. As an analogy, these prophetic pieces would contradict or would be misfits in the great puzzle of prophecy. Picture one trying to force a puzzle piece into an area where the shape looks like the correct fit, but doesn’t really naturally fit; as one who tries to press hard to force it into a place where it really doesn’t belong. For this reason, the world has always produced a distorted, prophetic picture instead of the beautiful picture that Bible Prophecy was meant to show.

God has placed prophecy in the Bible, similar to a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Some of these pieces are large pieces, and some are very small; with some sizes in between. Prophecy is to God as a great, panoramic, visual portrait that is reflective of vivid clarity and beauty. In other words, God is the great artist and puzzle maker, but instead of presenting it to us as a beautiful portrait fully seen at once; it is as though He scattered the puzzle pieces, mixing them up, until a specified time when He was ready to place them in their proper order. Similar to a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle as an analogy; He scattered all of the different sizes of pieces throughout the landscape of a farm property, in various, hidden places. Some were scattered in hiding places such as the shed, and some were scattered across the property: some were hidden in the barn, and others buried under a tree, and in the house, and in the basement etc. Again, remember this is an analogy.

Many claim to understand prophecy, but they have never had all of the pieces, God had scattered and hidden them from humanity intentionally! Sadly, many preachers of false prophecy say that they understand the puzzle by forcefully pressing a few pieces together, even though they’re not a natural fit.

God had RAISED UP a man, by the 1930’s, and showed him where most of the pieces were hidden. In the appointed time period, when knowledge would rapidly increase, God revealed to a man named Herbert W. Armstrong, the places where the pieces were scattered and hidden. Then, this man figuratively, went around the multi-acre farm property and gathered up about 90% of the pieces which were the all important FRAMEWORK PIECES to this prophetic puzzle! When these puzzle pieces were put together, they created the beautiful picture that God intended His end time Church to understand. This massive, prophetic framework that had never, UP TO THAT TIME, been assembled before; was assembled by God, through Herbert W. Armstrong!

NOTE: It is important to say here that it is not God’s desire that anyone deify or worship Herbert W. Armstrong, and this is not what we teach. But it is our purpose to present the historical and Biblical facts as to how he was used by God; in fact, the correct understanding of Mat. 24:14 is a doctrinal record of restoration. No matter what some may think of the man personally; history shouts out that what he had claimed God used him to do; was what he did. It is a fact that what was accomplished THROUGH that human instrument; was of Christ. History has not produced any other individual, to who was given the understanding of the prophetic framework needed to understand end time events. God gave this man approximately 90% of the hidden prophetic puzzle pieces; intentionally leaving approximately 10% for the understanding of the Laodicea phase of the Church today.

God’s intention was for those living within the Laodicean Church phase to retain the 90%, (by Holding Fast) then TO FIND, AND CONSTRUCT the remaining 10% of differing shapes of the prophetic jigsaw puzzle; BUILDING ON TOP OF the 90% FRAMEWORK that God allowed his 20th century servant to gather.

Those who look for excuses to discredit Herbert W. Armstrong are not looking at the big picture that God had actually accomplished, as a miraculous gift, for the True Church. The written works of Herbert W. Armstrong are preserved for us in this present Church phase of Laodicea as a matter of historical record; and God’s Church today is without excuse.




Let us examine just some of the once hidden pieces which were revealed in the 20th century:

Consider: The great image of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, in which he had seen an image with: a head of fine gold, a chest of silver, belly and thighs of brass, and legs of iron with ten toes of iron and miry clay.

Consider: How this man was given the understanding of how these parts of the great image HARMONIZE with the four great world ruling empires pictured in Daniel 7.

Consider: How the vision of the four Beasts in Daniel 7 HARMONIZES with Revelation 13.

Consider: How the book of Daniel, chapter 11’s king of the north HARMONIZES with Revelation 17 and the great whore. How Daniel 7:20-21 HARMONIZES with Revelation 12:17: making war with the saints.

Consider: Daniel 7:25 revealing a system that changes God’s times, days, and laws; who had a mouth speaking great things; whose look was more stout than his fellows; and in Daniel 7:8 . . . the little horn that subdued 3 kings!

Consider: The marvelous understanding of the Roman Empire: the Holy Roman Empire: the seven successive resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire. The HARMONIZING of all of the heads, the horns, the toes, and the deadly wound that was healed. Not to mention the unsealed prophecy about how the four horsemen of the Apocalypse HARMONIZE with Matthew 24.

Consider: How all of this perfect harmonization of prophetic UNSEALING was to occur at the prophesied, appointed time where the book of Revelation, chapter 17:10 says that 5 kings are fallen (past tense) . . . ONE IS (the 6th head of the Hitler/Mussolini axis) and the OTHER (the 7th and final leader) of the beast is NOT (as of) YET COME.
This means that the prophesied UNSEALING was to take place at the time when the 6th head was to appear on the world scene and be RECOGNIZED BY THE CHURCH OF THE PHILADELPHIAN WORK PHASE!
The “ONE IS” of Revelation, chapter 17:10 was inspired to be interpreted from the perspective of 1930’s!
This unsealing of these important end time prophecies was to be contemporary with the leader of the Philadelphian work phase of the Church!

Consider: The unlocking of one third of the Bible in relation to the True Identity of the Lost House of Israel and how they relate to the plan of God. A large, LOST, PUZZLE PIECE was also found called the KEY OF DAVID which has unsealed great portions of prophetic understanding in the books of: Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Isaiah, as well as the Minor Prophets. The UNSCRAMBLING AND REVEALING was prophesied to occur at the APPOINTED “time of the end” (Dan.12:9) and HAD NOT been fulfilled through any of the leaders of the previous five Church time periods (eras), and was not, nor is not now being fulfilled in the leaders of this present 7th phase (era) of the Church. This was done by God; THROUGH the man whom He raised up. Billions of people, throughout the ages, could not figure out the prophecy picture until God’s time had come.



Beginning in 1934, God would keep His promise to set before this Church phase of Philadelphia an open door! This was GOD’S TIME to display the all important sign of the True Gospel and an Ezekiel warning to be delivered to the modern day House of Israel! This all occurred in the Church time period known as Philadelphia. This period (approx. 1934-1986) was to be a crossing of an “end time threshold” within the time line of the seven Churches of Revelation, chapters 2 and 3 on God’s prophetic timetable!

It was God’s time for a great prophecy to be fulfilled. God would send a man to execute a pre­dominate work; when, for the first time in human history, it became possible for mankind to become extinct via nuclear weapons (Mat. 24:21-22). Try to name any other leader from Church history or from the present, whose appearance in end time punctuality was so evident.

Ask yourself . . . Was all of this timing due to random chance? Was it just mere coincidence? Or was this God’s APPOINTED SEASON IN HIS PROPHETIC TIMETABLE providing the GREAT SIGN that we are VERY CLOSE to the 2nd Coming of Christ? The fruits of recent history should prove to the honest reader the powerful, clear answer!




Did God expect his people to be ignorant of important prophetic seasons in regard to his 2nd coming? Didn’t Jesus Christ, himself, say that no one knows the day or hour?

Jesus Christ did say that only The Father knows the exact day or hour (Mat. 24:36) of his 2nd coming, but he ALSO gave us the parable of the fig tree: which PROVES that he expects his true servants to FULLY DISCERN the prophetic season!

Notice: Matthew 24: 32-34 “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So

likewise ye, when YE SHALL SEE ALL THESE THINGS, know that it is NEAR, EVEN AT THE DOOR.”

Christ is speaking about the sign of His 2nd Coming! He is saying we should be able to SEE! It was no accident that Christ’s parable mentioned one of the four seasons of the annual climatic patterns. This word “summer” was no doubt intentionally chosen by Christ because he wanted his servants to understand each prophetic season; so that the Church would be ready collectively; and that WE would be ready individually. Of course, the exact day or hour is only known by God the Father. But Christ teaches us that to understand the end time events, it’s God’s will that we should carefully examine, and fully discern THE PROPHETIC SEASON just prior to the greatest prophetic event of all time . . . the Second Coming of Christ.

In the 1930’s the time had come for a prophesied work to take place to serve a tremendously special purpose. This work was SPECIFICALLY given; so that the Church would see it AS A SIGN to mark time prophetically, in relation to the 2nd Coming of Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God! Clearly, this one great prophetic event that Christ gave to the Church, as the single most dominating SIGN of His coming, should be obvious to God’s people today!




In the 24th chapter of the book of Matthew, Jesus was teaching his disciples about all of the events that would precede His 2nd coming. Understand that Christ was giving this instruction in a private setting to His disciples. They came to Christ privately and asked him: “Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world (age)?”(Matthew 24:3)

If this prophecy was a “sign,” then let’s look at the meaning of the word.

In Thayer’s Lexicon the word “sign” used in Matthew 24:3 is defined from the Greek word = semeion which means .. . an indication, a miracle, a sign, a marker, or to indicate.

The disciples were asking Christ if He would provide some supernatural SIGN of when His return would be and when the new age would begin. In other words, the disciples’ question to Christ was . . . What miraculous event will take place; so that we can avoid deception and know that your coming is near? How will we know?

What would be the MIRACULOUS MARKER or SIGN that would INDICATE that the 2nd Coming would be very close at hand?

Christ’s answer was PLAIN. Notice Matthew 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

It is also interesting to note what else Thayer’s says about the word “sign” in Mat. 24:3: “the sign which indicates that the Messiah will shortly or forthwith come from heaven in a visible manifestation” . . .

Christ answered the question of “what would be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world (this present age)?” by giving His disciples a specific sign or marker in the end time prophetic sequence which would indicate that His 2nd coming, and the ushering in of God’s Kingdom, was very near! Christ confirmed this specific event in which the True Gospel would go out into all of the world as a witness unto all nations. This was; in fact, a . . . semeion—A MIRACLE!

Matthew 24:14 was revealed to all that “hath ears to hear” as a miraculous gift to all of God’s servants living in this end time season as the all important PROPHETIC MILE MARKER giving us . . . God’s very own, panoramic view of the prophetic timeline!




Not long ago, I heard a prominent evangelist promoting his organization’s present commission of fulfilling Mat. 24:14. He said that his organization is witnessing (via their T.V. program) that the signs of earthquakes and famines show the world we are near the end; and as soon as HIS organization finishes the work of taking the gospel to the world as a witness . . . THEN, AND ONLY THEN, will the end come. This, he adds, will show the world that HIS organization is backed by God. He went on to say that his commission is the true extension of what God started through Herbert W. Armstrong. Is this leader’s idea correct? Was God unable to fulfill such an important prophecy in its entirety? Was He only able to fulfill it in part; leaving a need to use others to finish it?

Remember, the disciples asked Jesus Christ for THE SIGN of His coming.

It is an historical fact that the true gospel of the coming Kingdom (or family) of God was SUPPRESSED, and supplanted by a false gospel between the years of A.D. 53-70 (Gal. 1:6-7 and 2 Cor. 11:13-15). The True Gospel, which was brought by Christ, was beginning to be replaced with a message of a false Jesus by false apostles, deceitful workers, who were teaching another gospel—A FALSE GOSPEL! Yet, during the apostolic age, also known as the Ephesian work phase of the Church, the True Gospel had been preached by the original apostles.

The Great Commission, given by Christ, was for the Church to go into all the world proclaiming the gospel, and preaching repentance and remission of sins in Christ’s name, beginning at Jerusalem (Mark 16:15 and Luke 24:47) and it was for the purpose of all those that the Father would call.

Beginning in A.D. 31, with Christ as the True Head of the Church and Peter as the chief apostle, the gospel traveled slowly, and was preached in various parts by: foot, donkey, horse/camel back or row/sailboat. During those early years, Peter and the other apostles took the gospel to the lost sheep of the House of Israel (Mat. 10:6; Mat. 15:24). They took the true gospel into the areas of Western Europe and the British Isles.

Later the apostle Paul was raised as a “specially chosen” apostle who would take the gospel into Asia Minor, parts of the Middle East and into Rome. The early Ephesian phase of God’s work thrived and grew at an amazing rate; but soon opposition and persecution began to set in. A violent controversy arose over whether the gospel, which was to be preached, was to be the gospel of Christ (which was the coming Kingdom of God) OR a false gospel ABOUT the person of Christ! The later finally won out. What ensued was later to be called, in church history, “The Lost Century” (circa. A.D. 50 to A.D. 150).

It was called the “Lost Century” because the written record of Church history, within that 100 year period, was extremely vague. Scholars and church historians recognize that events in the early Christian Church between A.D. 50 and 150 can only be seen in vague outline—as if obscured by a thick mist. But when the visual mist began to clear around A.D. 150 the, so called, Christian Church that emerged, resembled a totally different church than the Church that Jesus established! A church that was teaching a DIFFERENT GOSPEL AND ANOTHER JESUS! The True Gospel that the original apostles proclaimed was suppressed! From that time forward a false gospel was preached throughout the inhabited world! The predominate gospel message, going out to the world during those years, was a false gospel about the person of Jesus: offering no real meaning or true purpose of life. It covered up God’s ultimate plan and potential for mankind!

The TRUE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM would not be proclaimed to the whole inhabited world for the next 1,900 years! – one hundred 19 year time cycles!

The True Gospel of the Kingdom (or family) of God was not again proclaimed worldwide until God’s APPOINTED SEASON OF MATTHEW 24:14 HAD ARRIVED; when He would raise up, and send forth a modern day apostle to begin to cry aloud the truth once again; first from coast to coast across the United States of America and then around the entire world. This was; in fact, the fulfillment of the Matthew 24:14 “sign” marking the end. Christ’s return would now be very close at hand: in the way GOD LOOKS AT TIME!

Understand this all important point!

It wouldn’t be a sign if it had happened in any of the other previous phases (eras) of the Church! NOR WOULD IT BE A SIGN IF GOD PERFORMED IT (IN PART) over 20 YEARS AGO, AND HAD TO FULFILL IT A SECOND TIME in the way that many of the present Church of God leaders are teaching today!




Let us briefly and carefully examine the three main scriptures describing the Great Commission that Christ gave to The True Church.

1) Mat. 28:19-20 “Go ye therefore, and teach (margin = make disciples/students within) all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

2) Luke 24:47, 49 “And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. . . . but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until you be endued with power from on high.”

3) Mark 16:15-16 “. . . Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel (RSV—In all nations) to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned (judged).”

Here are scriptures providing the people of God, IN EVERY AGE, with instructions in regards to performing the Great Commission of the Church of God. In those three scriptures (just covered), describing the commission or work of the church, notice that nowhere is it given for Christ’s people to proselytize or take the message as a witness to the world. This may seem hard to believe, but it is true!

This is ESSENTIAL to understand! The original 12 apostles were to be witnesses of Christ’s resurrection (Acts 1:9- Acts 4:33), that is why 12 were chosen as it represented a unanimous complete verdict.

But one may be asking “Why haven’t you yet quoted Mat. 24:14 as the commission of the Church? Is that not the commission that Christ gave to all seven Church phases to fulfill?” It may be a surprise to you, but the answer to those questions is a resounding NO! Matthew 24:14 was; in fact, a “prophesied work” that was singled out to be placed on the shoulders of one that God would call for a special purpose.

Unfortunately, in this Laodicean age, confusion has been crowned king with regard to what the work of the Laodicean time phase should be. The predominant leaders in the differing groups have shown by their teaching and their work that they believe that Christ only fulfilled Mat. 24:14 in part . . . and now it is up to them to “finish” that commission which they still are mistakenly, calling “the work.”

Lacking the faith that the Mat. 24:14 prophecy occurred in its full; and was fulfilled only 80%-90% of the way, is a complete rejection of Christ as head of the Church!

Many thousands, of people today, are being taught by their leaders that the Mat. 24:14 scripture is the present commission of the Church today. In our present age, most of the prominent COG groups teach that God has charged them to finish this special commission of taking the Gospel around the world again. Their reasoning is . . . Christ has not yet arrived; thus the END is running late; so they feel that the same commission that was given to HWA is now given to the Church today.

They are ALL IN ERROR!

The True Gospel has already gone out into all nations. This has been done; either Mat. 24:14 has been fulfilled or it has not been fulfilled. You cannot have it partly fulfilled!

The main causes for the division surrounding the scattered Church today has to do directly with doctrinal issues, and CONFUSION OVER WHAT THE PRESENT COMMISSION/WORK SHOULD BE! Why is there so much confusion over what the work should be? Christ can’t be divided: doing a work through all of those who claim that they are fulfilling this as the Great Commission.

Matthew 24:14 is NOT a scripture that Christ gave to describe the Church’s commission! IT IS A PROPHECY describing a prophetic milestone in recognizing the SEASON of the 2nd Coming of Christ!

Did Christ issue a special commission, to a chosen individual, with regard to a great prophetic milestone being fulfilled, JUST PRIOR to His 2nd coming?

Herbert W. Armstrong thought so. He understood it as such!

Notice in his own words . . .

“And brethren, I have to say to you, NO ONE is going to succeed me. God has called me TO A JOB, TO A COMMISSION. I think that when God lets me die, the thing he has called me for, WILL HAVE BEEN COMPLETED, PREPARING THE WAY for the 2nd coming of Christ, CARRYING THAT GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM to the world for a witness TO ALL NATIONS. If I have been someone in THE POWER and SPIRIT OF ELIJAH . . . REMEMBER THERE IS NO PROPHECY THAT GOD WILL HAVE AN ELISHA FOLLOWING ELIJAH. . . . But the job God has called me to do IS A PROPHESIED JOB!”

(Worldwide News 3/6/81 Herbert W. Armstrong)

The Philadelphian phase of the work of God would mark the location, in relation to the 2nd coming, on the prophetic road map, and was intended by Christ to provide a miraculous beacon of light among all who lived at the end of the age, in the understanding of the seven Churches mentioned in Revelation, chapters 2 and 3; A miraculous SIGN fulfilled; and given by CHRIST, Himself! Whenever Christ provides a miraculous SIGN, He always does it with precise timing, as in the 3 days and 3 nights sign of His Messiah-ship; leaving evidence behind to remove all doubts (Mat.12:39-40). But as history has shown time and again, people often reject the evidence.

Do WE dare REJECT that sign before God?

The understanding and believing of what Christ actually DID through the Philadelphian work phase is THE MASTER KEY in avoiding: the confusion, doctrinal heresy, blindness, and great slumber that has covered the present time period known as Laodicea.

The Philadelphian phase would produce a work of the restoration of Truth that was lost through the past centuries, and would now have an open door to take the restored True Gospel of the Government of God out to the entire world as a witness to all nations, proclaiming that the 2nd Coming of Christ was now imminent!

Those alive, and supporting the work of the Philadelphian phase would understand that the work of the Church, in that period, was that of the special commission given to a leader that God would use in fulfilling Mat. 24:14. It was understood that this work was a part of a unique moment in the history for the true Church of God.




It is a fact that the impact of the work accomplished through Herbert W. Armstrong, in terms of people and nations that were reached with the Truth, literally towers over all of the other six eras COMBINED!

Here are some facts:

  •  12 to 15 million copies of the book/booklet (The U.S. and Britain in Prophecy) were mailed out to the English speaking world. Assuming that on average two persons read each booklet, this would mean that between 24 to 30 million people have read this important booklet.
  • At its apex, The Plain Truth had a monthly circulation of over 8.5 million copies (with a readership of about 20 million)—more than either Time or Newsweek.
  • The Church magazines, The Good News,— Worldwide News and Tomorrow’s World— were also mailed out by the millions!
  • The World Tomorrow radio and TV programs were viewed by scores of millions, in many nations, across much of the globe. WCG’s telecast was one of the top religious programs in the U.S. Canada, Australia and numerous other nations. The weekly responses to the telecast averaged 20,000 to 80,000 per program.
  • Truths on nearly every spiritual subject were expounded in hundreds of: well-written books, booklets, reprint articles, and letters which were printed and mailed out by the tens of millions.

Here is a snapshot of the impact of Christ’s work, under the physical leadership of Herbert W. Armstrong, just a little over one year before Mr. Armstrong’s death. Note that more than 100 million Church publications were sent out in the year 1984. In the following year (1985), God again, doing the “work” through Herbert W. Armstrong, surpassed the previous 1984 record of over 100,000,000 pieces of literature mailed out.

Stop and think about that! That’s over 200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million) pieces of literature produced and mailed out in only a short, two year period of 1984-1985! This doesn’t even include the 50 plus years prior. Incidentally, all of the many written works of Herbert W. Armstrong (books, booklets, magazines, articles, letters etc.) are now accessible on the Internet; And can be read by literally millions all over the world! Of course these works can be found and studied in several places online today. Here is a link to various sources of Mr. Armstrong’s material. they represent our legacy.

If the self appointed: apostles, evangelists, prophets, and pastors were honest, before God, they would give thanks; and stand in awe of a prophecy THAT HAS ALREADY OCCURRED in recent times past!




The fulfillment of the Matthew 24:14 prophecy HAS HAPPENED; and IS A MATTER OF FACTUAL HISTORICAL RECORD! GOD PERFORMED THIS MIRACULOUS SIGN—FOR US! Do we believe this was a precise prophecy fulfilled and carried out by God? The understanding of this prophetic fulfillment is the key to clearing up the massive confusion that has covered the Laodicean Church age today!

The prophetic mile marker of the Gospel has gone out “as a proclamation” to the world as a witness (Mat. 24:14)! Where are we NOW in the prophetic timeline?

We are standing in the gap between that Great Prophesied Miracle and the appearance of the Two Witnesses! More specifically, we have now entered  the brief period of time in which Christ’s work The  Knock of Jesus Christ to Laodicea is going to happen. The warning to prepare for it is inherent in the wording of Revelation 3:14-20. Just What is the Knock of Jesus Christ to Laodicea?

Here is the seriousness of the matter; there is no way to know when Christ is going to knock. We have to be prepared before it happens. Read the article linked above to see this clearly.



This is the moment of truth!

We must Seize the Hour—NOW; redeeming lost time (Eph. 5:16); seeking the Eternal while it is still day before the fullness, of the dark night, of the Great Tribulation sets in!

“He who hath an ear,” must now RISE UP as Christ commands!

To the world, Christ will return “as a thief in the night” (1Thes.5:1-7)! But God’s True Church SHOULD NOT be in darkness, unaware of the present season in which they find themselves . . . because God has promised that for those who RISE OUT OF NEAR SLEEP—who are faithfully WATCHING AND PRAYING; they shall not be snared (Luke 21:28, 34-36)!

God expects YOU to use His Spirit in discerning every moment as prophecy unravels. We are currently well within the prophetic season of Laodicea in which our Father is pleading with His people to RISE UP—OUT OF SLUMBER!

This IS our duty! We must focus all of our LABORS to hasten the return of Christ by preparing ourselves tp answer the “Knock” immediately when it happens and spreading this message of hope to our brethren so that they can be prepared and perhaps saved out of what is coming when Christ comes to gather His people to the prophesied place of safety!

That is the mission of this website. To share this information with as many of God’s people as possible to help them wakeup and rise up in time.

Is Christ going to KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR? Are YOU willing to AWAKE, RISE UP, and OPEN IT IMMEDIATELY? Christ has placed this unique opportunity before YOU!

This is a grassroots movement within the Body of Christ to reach out to His people with a message that could save their lives. Join us in our Facebook Group The Knock of Jesus Christ where we discuss what we can do as individuals to reach out to more of God’s people to help them rise up and prepare for what is just ahead.