An Excellent article that proves that Jesus is the Christ by bible prophecy. An excellent refresher study! -Editor

In the book of Daniel is an amazing prophecy revealing precisely WHEN the Messiah was to appear-as well as exactly WHAT He was to accomplish! Study this article carefully.

DO YOU KNOW Jesus is the Christ? Can you PROVE it – from Bible prophecy?

Fundamentalists believe Jesus is the Christ. But many cannot prove it! They believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word – but, again, they are hard put to produce any evidence. They have faith that God exists – but they can not PROVE it! They accept these things on sheer faith. Such a “belief -such a “faith” – is weak, wishy-washy and utterly worthless, in God’s sight! Empty faith – DEAD faith, the kind held by most people, today – will not save anyone. There is no need to assume that Jesus is the Christ. You can know!

The Prophecy of Daniel

The Old Testament is FULL of detailed, plain prophecies referring to the coming of the “Messiah” or Christ, the “Anointed One.” From Genesis to Malachi, prophecies reveal many facets of both the first and second comings of Jesus Christ. But, no Old Testament prophecy pinpoints the EXACT TIME of the coming of Christ, and what would occur, as specifically as the book of Daniel.

DANIEL NINE PROVES Jesus Is the Christ