Written by the COG Community Web Watch Team


As we continue our vigil for prophecy related events, doctors in the US are being hyper-vigilant to the possibility that an extremely deadly virus could easily breach our borders at any given time. The alert stems from disturbing news that a fast spreading fatal respiratory infection is claiming the lives of hundreds of Middle Eastern health Care Workers. Alert

More disturbing is that five American nurses are among those who have contracted what officials are calling a Sars like virus. Nursezone– While the reports don’t mention exactly where those workers are located, it has prompted a meeting of the World Health organization in response to the rapid spread of the virus globally. In addition, while more testing is in the works, officials have positively identified the virus as the same one that causes SARS. It was also the same deadly outbreak that wracked havoc around the world in 2003. Outbreak

OutbreakNow we rewind back to the April 1956 issue of Mr. Armstrong’s Plain Truth Magazine where Mr. Hermon L. Hoeh warned of what the future would hold. He stated: “The news headlines of the pulsating present and a devastating future written millenniums ago (Bible Prophecy) is a danger and a warning for us today”.. only today is now the future Mr. Hoeh spoke of. Plain Truth Magazine

As God continues to remove HIS Divine Protection from a disobedient world, we as scattered brethren will continue our watch as commanded. We are also reminded of our Heavenly Fathers’ promises to those of us who are obedient and do His will whether or not in times of trouble. Psalms 91:7-16, Isaiah 40:31