I just noticed a tendency in me that I really did not think was there. There were several comments on the “Are we hard wired to sin” post. I kept trying from memory to put down on paper why that concept wasn’t correct, then Andrea pointed me to a booklet and other material where Mr. Armstrong covered it in detail.

I have heard all the jokes about men not wanting to read the instructions or maps etc. But until now I did not realize that I had that same reluctance. Thank God that the Holy Spirit can bring things to mind for us….but still. When I read the booklet she suggested the whole concept came clear to me.

So do men tend to not want to read the instructions so to speak? Maybe that’s why Adam went along with Eve in the Garden. He didn’t want to go back the the instructions given but wanted to figure it out by himself.

The tree of good and evil must have a special pull to men! 😉