I go through a lot of sermons from various sources on the Internet looking for material for those of you who attend our “Live Fellowship Events” each week.

But I have noticed over time that I seldom hear a definite call to action in any of them. Perhaps it is just me or only the ones that I can see which of course does not include most of the sermons produced each week by the Church of the Laodiceans as Christ refers to us in Rev 3:14.

I hear a lot of excellent sermons telling us how to live and what to believe but I do not hear much that points a finger and says, this means you brethren. You need to understand this, You need to take action and change what you are doing, You need to repent of this and start going the other way!

Am I wrong? I might be. Yet Christ says that most in the Laodicean ERA of His church will be “Self-Satisfied”(Rich and increased with Goods). Given the obvious time In which we live shouldn’t we be hearing sermons that focus on us as individuals asking us as individuals to do something different than what we are doing?

You remember the “Hell Fire and Damnation” sermons that used to be out there in the Christian Community? I wish we had more of that in our church groups as well. Not the same of course but our versions of it. Where is the passion to change and get ready. Where is the urgency? When the word of God says that we are mostly “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:”.

I do not believe the bible uses words without reason. We are to “Live by EVERY word of God” that means that EVERY WORD is there for a purpose. So just what do these words mean and are they there to show us what we are to repent of?

Notice what one of the commentaries says about these words of observation from Christ. This is HOW Christ sees way too many of us today:

From Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible

Revelation 3:17

I am rich – Thou supposest thyself to be in a safe state, perfectly sure of final salvation, because thou hast begun well, and laid the right foundation. It was this most deceitful conviction that cut the nerves of their spiritual diligence; they rested in what they had already received, and seemed to think that once in grace must be still in grace.
Thou art wretched – Ταλαιπωρος· Most wretched. “The word signifies,” according to Mintert, “being worn out and fatigued with grievous labors, as they who labor in a stone quarry, or are condemned to the mines.” So, instead of being children of God, as they supposed, and infallible heirs of the kingdom, they were, in the sight of God, in the condition of the most abject slaves.
And miserable – Ὁ ελεεινος· Most deplorable, to be pitied by all men.
And poor – Having no spiritual riches, no holiness of heart. Rich and poor are sometimes used by the rabbins to express the righteous and the wicked.
And blind – The eyes of thy understanding being darkened, so that thou dost not see thy state.
And naked – Without the image of God, not clothed with holiness and purity. A more deplorable state in spiritual things can scarcely be imagined than that of this Church. And it is the true picture of many Churches, and of innumerable individuals.

If this is so then WHY do we not hear more sermons from the ministry to CHANGE ourselves. They need to tell us to repent and they need to tell us why we need to repent and they need to show us that there is an incredible URGENCY to repent NOW before it is too late and you end up in the Great Tribulation. Ask them are we in Laodicea? If so are these conditions extant. If they are shouldn’t they be warning and admonishing to CHANGE?

I ask you could it be that many are still preaching the “witness” work of Mr. Armstrong, that they really don’t know themselves how close we are to the Tribulation and how far our people have drifted just because they had so much of God’s Truth that they became blinded to what was really wrong and where they were in the time line.

Take a close look at your selves brethren. Could you be; wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: Because you SAY that you are rich and increased with goods and HAVE NEED OF NOTHING?