Gal 4:26  But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.

Does the scripture say that the “church” is the mother of us all? I heard an excellent sermon the other day talking about a number of different subjects but in passing the statement was made that this verse is referring to the church which in the context he was using it meant the organized Ministry of the “Church” of God.

First is it proper to refer to the church in that way. We know that the “church” is the called out ones, the body of Christ. But here he refers to the church as if to the ministry being the mother of the church? Some how that does not seem right to me. It is true that the ministry is charged with nourishing the body of Christ much as a mother would do. But I guess my question is does the Heavenly Jerusalem represent the church or church ministry. If not what does it represent.

It seems to me and I am just thinking out loud now, that Heavenly Jerusalem might more properly represent the Kingdom of God rather than the church. After all Heavenly Jerusalem will not come down to the earth until after the Kingdom of God is completely established here.

It just seems wrong to me to break out the governmental portion of the body of Christ and compare them to heavenly Jerusalem. Especially given how many take advantage of that very thing to rule the people of God in ways that were never intended in scripture.

What do you think?