world chaos


Unstable and unusual weather patterns ranging from earthquakes to lightning strikes, the unrelenting spread of the deadly Ebola virus along with the escalating threat of war, all serve as under currents in the sea of revelation spoken of by Christ in Matthew 24: 6-8

Weather phenomenon is occurring across the country. Last week Californians were plagued with a rapid succession of earth quakes with just as deadly aftershocks. This week Hawaiians are poised to flee for their lives following a volcanic eruption which is spewing tons of hot lava inching  closer to their homes. NBC  If that wasn’t enough, the lives of Arizonians are now at stake amid a huge dust storm. Massive Dust Storm

As we turn our attention abroad, Russia continues its ominous stance over Ukraine while news of military force in the Middle East continues to get deadlier. US airstrikes

In the meantime, the number of those effected with the Ebola Virus is now into the thousands.  While, we have been discussing the culmination of these events in our Christian headlines for some time now, it appears the world has begun to take notice. The New World Disorder? BBC News 

Although the world sees rapid and devastating events occurring day to day with the naked eye, comprehending what is happening and why is a lost cause to many…Answers that were given to Mr. Armstrong by a loving God many years ago prior to the apostasy. With Divine inspiration, Mr. Armstrong and others left historical missives to help God’s Chosen understand these latter day events. One such writing, entitled “Why World Chaos” was authored by Mr. Roderick Meredith in the Plain Truth Magazine in 1954. (VOL. XIX no. 3)

We as God’s Chosen will keep the Ezekiel warning concerning what is to become of things in the forefront of our minds. Ezekiel Chapter 5

In addition, we will continue to watch and warn others in hopes that we are all prepared at Christ’s Return.