Food for Thought

We decided to put this section of our site up so that we could separate the articles that are based on doctrines that we have been given and that we are holding fast to from others that come up for discussion that are teachings that are somewhat different from what we have learned but that we believe should be examined and discussed.


Minister Caused Problems

While the desire for UNITY is one of the More Frequently Addressed Themes among Believers, Many within our Ministry of the recent past has done as much to Further Division as to Promote it. WHAT is the Remedy?

Let Your Women Keep Silence

by Richard Traver -ong-Standing Tradition, in Churches of nearly Every Persuasion,Generally Excludes Women from serving in Pastoral Capacities. What is the Source of Our ongoing Prohibition Against Women Speakers?


The Prophetic Days of Daniel 12:11-13

By Don Roth – This article is not written to give an exact date in which the Messiah is to return to rule this world, but to delineate a series of prophetic events that have a distinct ending point in time; the starting date of which is unknown.

Calendar Sources

by Rich Traver – If the “true” calendar of God is such an all-important instrument, and He expects mankind to “keep it” so precisely, why is there such a lack of specific criteria by which to construct one?

As it was in the Days of Noah

by Steven M. Collins – an Audio file covering what might it have been REALLY like in the Days of Noah and does that mirror what we will see today?

Appreciating the Worldwide Experience

by Rich Traver – Few things have impacted the Church of God as did the Unique Experiences which developed in the latter half of the Twentieth Century. The Value of those Experiences can VARY widely, depending on How they are Perceived.

Considering the End Time Church and It’s Being Made Ready thru Adversities

by Rich Traver – The Bride’s Challenge – making herself Ready