Rev 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

This statement by Christ as to what He is doing in Laodicea seems a little strange to me. Here He is talking about Knocking on the outside of the door of ANY MAN who can HEAR Him.

Joh_10:27  My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

Notice that it is HIS Sheep who can hear His voice. So if these are His people, have you ever wondered WHY that He is on the outside KNOCKING? Shouldn’t He be already inside fellowshipping with His people?

God said that He knew the works of Laodicea just like He did for each ERA of God’s Church. We should carefully examine some of Laodicea’s fruits over the last couple of decades. If we take a step backward, viewing the big picture, carefully evaluating the fruits that have been borne of Laodicea’s “works,” what we find should be obvious to any True Christian who is actively exercising the Spirit of God. Over the past couple of decades the fruits of Laodicea’s works are evident, and are now a part of the recent history for all to see.

The fruits have been :

  • Mass confusion
  • Unsolvable division
  • Doctrinal compromise
  • Blindness of prophetic seasons
  • Accusation
  • Slander
  • Lukewarm attitudes
  • Ministerial abuse
  • Ministerial liberalism
  • Self-righteousness
  • Confusion over the work of the Church
  • Worldliness

These fruits have placed this seventh and final phase of God’s Church in GRAVE DANGER!

Today, we see hundreds of splintered COG groups. They’re all divided up, each with a certain flavor of God’s Truth mixed with the elements of the above mentioned fruits. The fact is, if one were to take all of the COG works over the past twenty years plus and combine them together; one would see their positive impact has been barely noticeable, and somewhat of an embarrassment if compared to the powerful impact of the sixth Church phase before it, under the leadership of Jesus Christ, with Herbert W. Armstrong under Him as the human leader, during that time period.

One of the major reasons why the Philadelphia phase had such a great impact in its works was due to the fact that its focus was clear in backing the special commission to fulfill Mat. 24:14.

Its focus was clear because it was in harmony with the True Christ, and was made clear to the Church on a continual basis via God’s apostle, THROUGH Christ. All who were involved, whether sincere or not, knew what Herbert W. Armstrong believed, taught, and stood for regarding his calling and special role within that work phase.

But what about today? What is the work of this present era? Is it possible that this present phase of the Church is blind and confused to what its present work emphasis really is?

Is it possible that the Church is becoming dangerously close to the material cares of this present evil world, and in turn, is in danger of falling asleep spiritually? Is Laodicea blind to what WORK Christ would have it focus on during THIS time?

Can it be that the church of the Laodicean(s) has placed Christ on the outside by (blindly)insisting that they “complete” a work that Mr. Armstrong plainly said that he had completed?

Now because of such a wealth of inherited truths(rich and increased with goods) they have turned a blind eye to what Christ said that He was plainly going to do in this final phase or ERA of God’s Church! They did not try and search out the truth of what Christ said He was doing like they did in Philadelphia. During Philadelphia they saw that Christ had opened a door to the world for the church to walk through and they saw then that Mat. 24:14 was obviously the work they should have been doing.

Mr. Armstrong told the church that he had completed the work that Christ had called him to do. That they were now to concentrate on getting the bride ready for Christ. That was the “work emphasis” that was given to the church that became Laodicea after the Apostasy. So because they wanted to do their own works and did not want to be bound by what the Apostle told them to do, they have each gone about trying to do what seemed right in their own eyes. Eyes that became more and more blinded as time went on.

So now Christ has to do the work that He wanted them to be doing. To Knock on the door of each of His sheep who can still hear Him. Asking them to open the door to their hearts and minds to Him by real repentance so that He can come in a give them the food that they so so desperately need.

It is our desire here to take this message to His people a message that they will all eventually recognize because it is what he has been telling them to expect inside their spirits already. Just like each of us heard Mr. Armstrong’s words and “JUST KNEW ” that Christ was speaking through him, just so those that can still hear His voice will respond to these words and Rise UP, because it is a call to Rise to repent and turn again to Christ and to what He is doing.