We are going to be continuing a discussion during this weeks Question and Answer Fellowship this Friday evening. During the Bible Study last week we went over this question without coming to a complete answer. I have included here two articles that may help us in our discussion.

One is called “The Ten Virgins and Christ’s Return” written by a minister from the Church of God, Mr. Don Roth. A full article coming at the subject from a little different angle.

The other is answering a question from the January 1968 Plain Truth Magazine Explain the Parable of the Ten Virgins.

We are looking at questions like, If the Midnight Cry that the virgins hear is the voice of the Archangel calling them to the resurrection, how can they possibly be asleep? Also it says that they all rose up to meet Christ but they couldn’t find him so they went to sleep. Does that relate to the knock that Christ is doing before the tribulation? And others as well.

If any of you have any thoughts on this feel free to comment here on the post or join us for the Q & A Session Friday in our ONLINE MEETING ROOM at 7 pm CST.