I once spoke too harshly to a minister about being a coach and how the coach was regulated to the sidelines when the game was in play. Given the circumstances I was a bit too black and white and he took a little umbrage at it. So I began to think about just what is the role of the minister in our lives as laymen and our ongoing project of preparing to be the bride of Christ.

I saw a movie once called “Coach Carter” told the true story about a basketball Coach taking a group of misfits and molding them into a championship team. I think it is a good movie to learn from.

What I saw in the movie came back to me as I tried to think of how a minister has a role as coach.

What this coach did in the movie is what each of our minister do or should with us;

Physical Training

He took these boys and began to build up their physical stamina by training their body. As Christians we need spiritual stamina, the ability to go through trials and come out the other end stronger. That is what the ministers help us to achieve by showing us the fruit at the end of that trial is worth the trial. and yet brethren it is each one of us who has to go through that trial in order to achieve that stamina or patience as the bible refers to it.

Skill Set

Now the coach began to teach each of them the various skills they needed to play the game of basketball effectively, shooting baskets, dribbling, ball handling, passing. All skill sets that would make them successful players.

Just so our ministers teach us the skills we need to make our way through this life and into the Kingdom of God.

  • How to study the Bible
  • How to Pray effectively
  • How to use Fasting to break the bonds of wickedness that hold us back
  • How to repent properly and refresh our minds daily

These are just a few of the skills we learn from the ministry.


Now we see the coach drilling them daily to practice what he has shown them. It is one thing to know a skill but to be skillful with it you must use it constantly until it becomes habitual reaction that you don’t even have to think about. Many sessions of daily practice. We learn to use those skills by studying the material that is made available to us each week in sermons and articles of instruction as we search God’s word to prove them we exercise the skills that were given to us..

Team Work

Here is where he began to show each of them that they could not do it alone. For the team to be a winning team they had to act together each working to feed the other for the best effort rather than trying to go it alone no matter the skills available to the individual it took the act of team work to make the team win consistently.

Here is where we put our training and skills to work. We learn to work with and use the power and wisdom of God’s Holy Spirit within us to live a righteous life and to do the works that we were ordained to do. To interact as a team among our brothers and sisters in Christ to help and support each other. To encourage and exhort each other to success. To let the Love of God that has been given to us flow through us to show our love for the brethren and there by build a winning team where each of us is supported by the other. A team that God is for and nothing can stop.

I would say the ministers role is of paramount importance and yet do you see that each of us has our part to play. In the movie nothing happened till the boys themselves began to use the tools that were given to them. Only then did they begin to have success.

Christ wants us to succeed brethren, that is what the Knock message is all about He is trying to get our Attention so that He can show us these things we have learned but have stopped using. Open your eyes and look around brethren we are not in Kansas anymore. This is the Laodicean ERA of the Church, the Great Tribulation and the 1335 are just around the corner. Are you using the skills that have been given to you at a level that will make you successful? Then don’t you think it’s about time to get started?