Have you ever come across a situation with someone who will not let the word of God change his mind about a topic or doctrine?

Now days there are tons of doctrines out there that are not true. To me when the word of God says something that teaches against what is being proposed, that should stop the discussion period. But it doesn’t in many cases. These people are mostly listening to what a man says about this doctrine. When you confront them with information from the bible that disputes what they are teaching, They keep trying to prove around the scripture. They want to show you more supposed proofs but they don’t want to deal with the one Proof  from the word of God.

Do you have a love of the Truth of God? All of those in the body of Christ will have that love as part of the Spirit that was given to us at Baptism. But if we do not practice using it, it will weaken in us till we can no longer discern truth from falsehood.

The following passage is speaking to the world but applies to any who do not have the Love of the Truth;

2Th_2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

Do see the significance there. If you have received the “Love of the Truth” which is in itself a “gift” from God you have a chance to be saved; with out it there is no chance.

So remember when dealing with these false doctrines, if anything in the word speaks against it then you should not continue to hold on to it. Doing so shows a lack of love toward the truths of God’s word and God does not take that likely.

Think about it for a minute, isn’t this exactly what many of us in Laodica are doing? We are putting the words of men above the words of God. We would rather stand on the coat tails of a man than stand on our own two feet before God.

You know there is an interesting side note to this. Comparing the ideas of the world with the concepts that Christ teaches us.

The world wants us to see ourselves as standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and on whose teachings we stand. Yet Christ tells us to use those teachings to grow in grace and knowledge so that we can reach a level of maturity where we can stand on our own two feet before our Lord. We are never going to be profitable servants until we can do that. Stand on our own two feet not on the shoulders of others. Somehow, some when, the child must cut loose the apron strings and walk on his on.

I wish so much the church had shown us more about how to do that and encouraged us to do so. You know how the bible references carrying us on “wings of Eagles”? Well those eagles take their young ones on their wings and then drop them to force them to learn to fly on their own. Woof!

Raymond Mills