Below is a link to an article from the Good News Magazine that helps us to understand the balance between preparing for the disasters we know are coming and placing our trust in God to see us through.

There seemed to be very good advice in this article so I felt it would be a good idea to present it here:



Food StorageWorld leaders predict mass famine and starvation. God’s Church knows total famine is coming. What should we do as members of the body of Christ? What is the balance of FAITH AND WORKS that we should have in facing THIS end-time crisis? During the last Ministerial Conference Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong commissioned Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong to begin preparing a program on this vital subject for the Church. Work­ing directly with him in this program is Mr. Dale L. Schurter. Read the basic, beginning research in this article from the Instructor in Animal Husbandry and Agriculture at Ambassador College in Texas.

Hunger pangs plague millions today!

Jesus Christ prophesied worldwide famines would be a sign preceding His second coming. This prophecy is being fulfilled today. Its last stages will end in the grizzly horror of children being eaten by their own parents!

The world sees the problem, but doesn’t know what to do about it. Or if a solution is suggested, how to put it into effect is an insurmountable-problem in today’s strife-torn and hopelessly divided world.

The World’s Insoluble Problem

The latest quarterly of the National Federation of Grain Cooperatives reports: “The world is on the thresh¬old of the biggest FAMINE in history.” The three continents of Asia, Africa, and South America are being stricken this very minute. The populations of these continents are growing out of control and production of food is falling drastically behind. This is one of the greatest and most insoluble problems in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

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