Compendium of Herbert W Armstrong Material Disk 2

Compendium of Herbert W. Armstrong Material

Volume I, Edition: August 3, 2001
The Word of God is the Foundation of Knowledge

Herbert W. Armstrong

Herbert W. Armstrong 1892-1986

“… the Word of God is not bound!” (2 Timothy 2:9)
When Jesus was asked by his disciples how to pray and what to pray about, he answered them

by giving an outline that has come to be known as the Lord’s Prayer. The very first request

that Jesus himself put in that outline was “thy Kingdom come.”

The good news that Jesus came to proclaim was the message about that Kingdom, not the

message about the messenger. The true gospel is the gospel of the Kingdom, not the

gospel about the King of that Kingdom. That true gospel has been ignored by the

bulk of organized religion. In its place, they preach a sentimental message about

Jesus, the King of that Kingdom.

The Kingdom that Christ was so focused on in the Lord’s prayer is a government that

has a king, has territory, has law and has subjects.

It’s king is Christ, its territory is the entirety of all the universe, its law

is the Law of God, its subjects are all mankind.

But more importantly, the Kingdom is the only environment through which the

vast majority of mankind can

achieve eternal life. It is the future time when they will be given access

to God and the entire society will be oriented God’s way. Jesus Christ himself will

be the visible head of the Earth’s government, reigning from Jerusalem. Herbert Armstrong called this

future time, the Wonderful World Tomorrow. All unGodly influences will be restrained,

even Satan and his demons. If there was ever a time when man would choose God’s way

of life, that is the time. See the booklet, The Wonderful World Tomorrow, in the

Booklets and Articles section.


with his first radio program in January, 1934,

Herbert W. Armstrong was inspired to speak strongly, authoritatively, passionately

about the Kingdom of God and what that Kingdom means for mankind. As he preached, the

church he founded grew

also, to about 150,000 members. He published the Plain Truth magazine which became

one of the largest mass circulation magazines published at the time. His media

effort was one of the largest purchasers of media time on the earth.

This CDROM is an effort by the editors to preserve a sample of Herbert Armstrong’s

preaching and publishing for its historical and religious significance, and so his

message can reach future generations.

Lest anyone minimize the scope of Armstrong’s media effort, the

following excerpt is from a January 1986 letter that he sent to his contributors

outlining the figures for calendar year 1985:

  • Seventy-four million PLAIN TRUTH magazines were eithermailed to subscribers or distributed through newsstands.
  • Seven million GOOD NEWS issues were sent out.
  • Two million YOUTH 85 magazines went to young and oldalike.
  • Six million booklets, books and reprint articles weremailed upon request.
  • More than one million Ambassador College BibleCorrespondence Course lessons were sent to students.
  • Our Mail Processing Center received more than one millionphone calls, mostly in response to the WORLD TOMORROW

    program on television.

  • Our offices around the world received more than 10 millionletters from subscribers responding to the work of the


After Herbert Armstrong’s

death in 1986, his successors changed the media effort in both scope and tone.

Soon it was all but discontinued. In the 1990’s the message that Herbert Armstrong

and his son Garner Ted Armstrong had so powerfully preached throughout the entire civilized world had been

depreciated so much that the master tapes of this material were thrown

in the trash. Some of this material on this CD came from a dumpster!

Thanks to the help of some very dedicated people, enough of this material

was collected and encoded in an indestructible form on Compact Disk.

Sadly, with the help and advice from leaders of Evangelical Christianity, it was

only a matter of time before every single doctrinal

point established by Armstrong was gone and the church he established was in shambles

and a powerless shadow of its former self.

Herbert Armstrong believed in living God’s way of life, which he called the

“way of give”, as opposed to the “way of get” or the ways of a Godless world. He often

said he had nothing to sell, nor did he ever ask for money

on the air. Except for a very few months in the 1970’s, in over 50 years of publishing the Plain Truth

Magazine, it was always free. Since

he so freely sent out tens of millions of pieces of free

literature, the editors are pleased

to freely give out this compendium of Armstrong-related material.

The task now falls to everyone who hears this material to see to it

that copies of it are sent to every corner of the globe- to anyone who

can possibly benefit from it and to anyone who will protect and preserve

it. This disk and the files on it are very easily copied. Please do just that.

The audio files on this CDROM are easily served from your own web page. Click

here for instructions.

Where did the Church go? Many left to form new churches. All these groups,

and others carry the signs of being branches of the True Church- they keep

the Commandments (Rev 12:17, 14:12, 22:14), observe the Sabbath and Holy

Days (Heb 4:9, Lev 23) and preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God (Matt

24:14, Luke 11:2). Click here for a more complete

list of the doctrinal characteristics of the Church of God.


Partial List of Churches of God

  • United Church of God, Arcadia, California. Web:
  • Church of the Eternal God, San Diego, California. Web:
  • Church of God International, Tyler Texas. Web:
  • Philadelphia Church of God, Edmund Oklahoma. Web:
  • The Living Church of God, San Diego, California. Web:
  • The Church of the Great God. Web:
  • See also list on Internet Resources page
Ambassador Auditorium

Ambassador Auditorium

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