Compendium of Herbert W. Armstrong Material


MP3 Volume 01, Edition: December 23, 2000
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The World Tomorrow Programs by Herbert Armstrong

  • Understanding the Bible Side 1 Side 2
  • T35A  One True Church
  • T36A  The Two Trees #2
  • T36B  U.S. in Prophecy
  • HA102A  The Two Covenants, Part 1
  • HA102B  The Two Covenants, Part 2
  • HA507A  The One True Church
  • HA509B  The Two Ways of Life
  • HA510A  Middle East in Prophecy
  • HA511A  Plain Truth About Christmas
  • HA514A  Why Were You Born? #3
  • HA514B  Why Were You Born? #4
  • HA515A  Why Were You Born? #5
  • HA515B  Why Were You Born? #6
  • HA516A  Why Were You Born? #7
  • HA516B  Why Were You Born? #8
  • HA517A  What Do You Mean, Salvation?
  • HA518A  Jesus Came as King and Savior
  • HA519A  The Seven Churches of God, Pergamous
  • T40A  The Tree of Life
  • RAD8021  What The True Church Will Be Like
  • RAD8022  Born Again
  • RAD8023  The Purpose Being Worked Out Here Below
  • RAD8024  Sermon on the Mount #1
  • RAD8025  Sermon on the Mount #2
  • RAD8026  Sermon on the Mount #3
  • RAD8027  Sermon on the Mount #4
  • RAD8028  Sermon on the Mount (continued #4)
  • RAD8029  Sermon on the Mount #5
  • RAD8030  The Ten Commandments
  • RAD8031  Spirit of the Law
  • RAD8032  Prayer
  • RAD8033  The Narrow Way
  • RAD8034  Law and Grace
  • RAD8035  Law and Grace (continued)
  • RAD8036  The True Church Does God’s Will
  • RAD8037  God’s Plan and Why Men Suffer Now
  • RAD8038  God’s Authority
  • RAD8039  Daniel 11
  • RAD8040  Christ’s Authority Over Disease
  • RAD8041  The Bible and Christ’s Authority
  • RAD8042  Essential Knowledge Known Only by Revelation
  • RAD8043  Law and Justification
  • RAD8044  USA and Britain in Prophesy
  • RAD8045  Sign of Jonah and Christ’s Messiahship
  • RAD8046  Jonah’s Sign
  • RAD8047  How to Search for Truth
  • RAD8048  Many Deceivers Preach in Christ’s Name
  • RAD8049  The Parable of the Sower
  • RAD8050  Why Christ Used Parables
  • RAD8051  The Kingdom of God
  • RAD8052  Pagan Traditions and Christ’s Parables
  • RAD8053  The Parable of the Tares
  • RAD8054  Christ’s Parables
  • RAD8055  Christ’s Parables Continued
  • RAD8056  Why Wars and Suffering?
  • RAD8057  Healing and Christ’s Garment
  • RAD8058  Healing and the Annointed Cloth
  • RAD8059  Healing
  • RAD8060  Healing and Your Faith
  • RAD8061  God’s Message Always Rejected by Man
  • RAD8062  Christ’s Message Rejected
  • RAD8063  How to Live by God’s Law
  • RAD8064  Requirements for God’s Kingdom
  • RAD8065  Man Rejects God’s Way
  • RAD8066  Repent
  • RAD8067  Faith
  • RAD8068  The 5000 Wanted More Physical Food
  • RAD8069  Christ’s Flesh
  • RAD8070  Some Offended By Christ’s Message
  • RAD8071  The Religion of Judaism
  • RAD8072  Mr. Armstrong’s Geneology
  • RAD8073  Christ’s True Gospel
  • RAD8074  God’s Time Table
  • RAD8075  Christianity Is Mostly Pagan
  • RAD8076  Christ’s Mission and Message
  • RAD8077  Resurrection or Heaven?
  • RAD8078  Christ’s Mission and Messsage (continued)
  • RAD8079  Hades and Gehenna Explained
  • RAD8080  Matthew 18:15; Prayer
  • RAD8081  Matthew 18;21; Forgiveness and Repentence
  • RAD8082  The Feast of Tabernacles and God’s Law
  • RAD8083  The Feast of Tabernacles (continued #1)
  • RAD8084  The Feast of Tabernacles (continued #2)
  • RAD8085  The Ten Tribes of Israel
  • RAD8086  John 8:1-16
  • RAD8087  John 8; Hebrews 1; Isaiah 8
  • RAD8088  The Majority Don’t Know Christ’s Message
  • RAD8089  What Did Christ Teach?
  • RAD8090  What is the True Church Like? (Part 1)
  • RAD8091  What is the True Church Like? (Part 2)
  • RAD8092  What is the True Church Like? (Part 3)
  • RAD8093  What is the True Church Like? (Part 4)
  • RAD8094  John 8
  • RAD8095  Idolatry
  • RAD8096  What is True Spirituality?
  • RAD8097  Repentence; John 9
  • RAD8098  John 9-10; Healing
  • RAD8099  John 10; Ministers Condemned; Healing
  • T37A  Apostasy Foretold. No one can any possibly claim that “Armstrong never preached Christ” after listening to this broadcast.
  • T37B  Bitterness
  • T38A  A Form of Godliness
  • T38B  Choose!
  • T39A  Truth Restored
  • T39B  Called for a Duty
  • T40A  Tree of Life
  • T40B  Faith
  • T42A  Understanding
  • T42B  Understanding, Choose!
  • T43A  False Prophet
  • T43B  Understanding the Bible
  • T44A  Grace-License
  • T44B  False Gospels
  • T50A  Law vs Grace. 1st 15 minutes of early radio disk
  • T74A  End Time Prophesies. Side 1 from 10/13/43 disk. Each side is 15 minutes.

True Church Series From Herbert Armstrong’s radio program.

Sermons and Bible Studies by Herbert Armstrong

Supplemental Material

  • The Lost Ten Tribes, Steven Collins,Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3   Included to show the factual basis of

    the modern identity of Biblical Israel. Collins is the author of the book,

    The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel … Found, published by CPA Books (ISBN: 0944379117) and

    available at Amazon.Com

  • Prophesy Sermon, Norbert Link, Date Unknown,Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4   Included to expand upon the Beast, what it is and how it will deceive those who dwell on the earth.