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Warning to the Church circa 1978

Well, greetings everybody. I have called a special day of prayer and fasting today because God’s church is IN FATAL DANGER! And I can’t say that loud enough to hammer it home to you. We don’t realize, my brethren, the way we’ve been drifting. We have been doing just what you heard in the sermonette—doing our own thing. We have been getting lukewarm.


Are You Ready?

by Herbert W. Armstrong – Well, when Christ comes, then we’re going to begin to save the whole world. But it’s all according to what we do with what we have to do with. I want to leave this with you. God has given us the Truth that He has not given to other churches in this world.  We’re going to be held accountable for what He has given us.


The Trunk of the Tree

1983 by Herbert W. Armstrong – We need to keep these things basically in mind because they are the foundation, and all the other things of how we must live as Christian lives fit within the framework of this general outline and foundation that I have given you this afternoon. I can see that it’s my job to give you this basic foundation, primarily; and the other ministers… In other words, I’m giving you THE TRUNK OF THE TREE—the roots, and the trunk, and the major branches. And the others fill in with the smaller branches, and its smaller branches than that; then the little twigs. And all those are important too. They are all part of the same tree.