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Reprinted articles from 50 years of publications from the World Wide Church of God. This article library is growing weekly. Take a look at the list of articles, there is some great reading material that just might answer what’s on your mine.


Reprint Articles

Where Will Christians Rule? – by Raymond McNair Good News Mar 1975 – What does God promise as the reward of the righteous — those who believe and obey Him? Does He promise heaven, limbo, purgatory — or will the “saved” inherit a paradise on this good earth?

Lessons from the Master Potter – by Raymond McNair Good news Oct/Nov 1980 – Life was meant to be full of trials, tests and temptations — all intended to build beautiful, godlike character in man.

Prepare for Famine -by Dale Shurter Good News April-May 1966 – World leaders predict mass famine and starvation. God’s Church knows total famine is coming. What should we do as members of the body of Christ? What is the balance of FAITH AND WORKS that we should have in facing THIS end-time crisis?

The Lesson of Demas – For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is depart­ed unto Thessalonica…. – August 1986 Article

Can You Explain it?Seventh-day Adventists know what certain Bible prophecies say, yet they don’t believe them! – August 1981 Good News

Principles of Healthy Living, Part One – April 1984 – Good News

Principles of Healthy Living, Part Two – May 1984 – Good News

What Does it Mean to Live by Faith? – July 1961 – Good News

What is a Liberal? – March 1979 Good News

Explain the Parable of the Ten Virgins – January 1968 Plain Truth

The Path of Living Faith

Why Aren’t You closer to God?

Are You Prepared for What’s Ahead?

DANIEL NINE PROVES Jesus Is the Christ

How to Conquer Your FEARS

How You Are Being Tested!

Human Nature – Did God Create It?

But by Prayer and Fasting

The Day of Atonement and YOUR Future

Christians Must Have ZEAL

Are You Ready?

The Plain Truth About FASTING

True Spirituality What is it – Do You Know?

God Has Something Better in Mind!

But by Prayer and Fasting