I received a letter today from one of our major groups to their members. A couple of things that were said really hit me hard and prompted this post.

The first comment was that “With all that is presently occurring, either at a personal or global level, we are privileged to proclaim His good news that humanity isn’t headed for cataclysmic disaster

If I given him the benefit of the doubt he is probably trying to say that the world is not going to totally end that God’s plan will continue on, yet that is not the meaning of the word cataclysmic disaster. Because certainly the world is headed to a cataclysm so great that God Himself has to intervene to keep them from destroying all mankind.  Anyone not reading carefully or not indoctrinated into what we believe would totally misunderstand that statement. I say that because I do not really think that this is what he meant.

In any case it is a poor way to say it and easily misunderstood by the uninitiated. Is this perhaps what is going on with in this group. Beginning to couch their words with phraseology that is intended to be misunderstood until a later time when they have been exposed to more teachings?

I don’t know but to me that sounds like you are using the word of God deceitfully. Perhaps I am more upset by this than some would be because of my experience back in the deep south and Northwest with certain religious groups who espouse British Israelism but in fact use it as a cover to the fact that they are a White Supremest group. Don’t even get me started about that.

This was bad enough but there was another statement made in the same letter that is even more disturbing to me.

“committee’s role is to pursue and assure our collective teachings in written and spoken form have a distinct “voice” and tone of expression that engages and convicts all of our audience. By a proper and balanced use of the Scriptures, God’s Spirit transforms those whom the Father calls”

The use of phrases and structure here is totally misleading, to me. How do they expect to engage and convict unless God is calling them first. They seem to want to engage and convict by special teachings as well as “Voice and tone of expression” sure sounds like Rick Warrens and Joel Osteens approach to evangelism to me.


Why would you want people engaged and convinced(convicted) of a truth that they can never fully understand unless God is calling them? This whole approach is at best an exercise in futility and at worst a downward plunge into evangelical Christianity not even fundamentalist, they are white washing our religion to reach people whom God is not calling. WHY?


Ever see what happens when you white wash a fence that has not been treated for outside weather conditions. Trust me it don’t last long and the old pitted and worn and splitting surface of the wood comes bursting through.


Why can’t they see this. Are numbers so important to them that they really don’t care about the results. Didn’t God place a veil over physical Israel so that in seeing they COULD NOT understand? Wasn’t that for their own protection so they would not be held accountable? If we Sharpen our presentation to the world so that we can initially CONVINCE(convict) them of God truth when He is not calling them, won’t they be held responsible for what they believe and yet ultimately cannot respond to? This is not showing love.


Mr. Armstrong preached to the world as a witness, the Greek suggests as a herald with no intent to convict. God convicted those who heard this witness (that He was already calling) by opening their minds to the truth. Mr. Armstrong did not try to sell it to them. Even though he was a great salesmen he knew better than to try and convince an uncalled mind of the truth. Isn’t that why we had both the Plain Truth and the Good News?


Something is wrong about this approach and bodes careful attention by the members of the body of Christ.