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Contributing Editors: The Westricks Family

Doing our very best to keep safe and healthy in an ever growing and darkening world is becoming more and more challenging for the people of God especially when it comes to the simple act of eating. This is particularly true in light of recent statistics by the Center of Disease Control which estimates every year about 48 million people get sick, 128-thousand hospitalized and 3-thousand die from foodborne diseases. Center for Disease Control

The CDC posted its most recent figures for 2011, but it’s hard to imagine what the numbers are now that we’re in the year 2014. What we do know is that there have been an untold number of food recalls from our area grocers daily, most of which the average citizen is totally unaware of. Diseases such as norovirus, salmonella and clostridium are just a few of the pathogens which reportedly hide in most of the foods that we consider healthy, like fruits and vegetables and fresh meats.

While America deals with it problem of contaminated foods, the citizens of Europe have their own unique food dilemma to contend with. There’s a horrifying trend emerging  in which “fake foods” are being sold on the black market in that part of the world much like horse meat was reportedly being passed off as “beef” in some parts of this country. Criminal Gangs/Fake Food Economy 

While there have been no reports of a fake foods underground economy here in the US, genetically engineered foods here has  its own stint of controversy. In fact this watch group was created to keep a close eye on production of genetically engineered foods to keep the public aware of how much of it is being produced. Food and Water Watch Dog-

Even when we are at our utmost on alert, there are evils that will continue to persist. If food contamination and fraud weren’t enough, consider the thousands of acres of crops being destroyed due to either flooding, freezing or burning since the year 2010 costing billions of dollars. In fact we constantly hear heart wrenching stories of some farmer who has lost his lively hood with each passing season which will eventually mean less and less food on the table for those who have enjoyed bountiful selections to chose from. Farmer Loses 1,000 Acres of Almond Trees to California Drought-

A lack of food has already become a reality for many third world countries. And while we are being careful, we are commanded not to overly worry over the constant danger that lurks in our mist, as Jesus admonished us long ago. Matthew 24:6. In addition, Our Father in Heaven promises our safety and protection if we are obedient and follow his commands and statues. Deuteronomy 30:15-20. In addition, In the spirit of James 2:14-26, we can also do our part by following God principles of health…. Divine tenets Mr. Armstrong spoke and wrote about extensively during the Philadelphia era-Mr. Armstrong on principles of healthy living.

While we who are watching as prophecy draws nigh are well aware of what the ultimate outcome will be in these  latter days, all  we can do presently is keep our faith and trust in God’s promises of protection and pray each day that we are worthy to escape what’s in store for a world who continues in disobedience to the Most High’s commands. Ezekiel 5:11-12.