Worldwide concern in the wake of hundreds of children in the US who are becoming stricken with a mysterious respiratory virus raging throughout the nation as health care leaders race for a cure and a reason in its aftermath.

This plague comes on the heels of the Ebola outbreak which continues its death toll on thousands in Africa.

The latest virus called EV-D68, causes coughing and wheezing in its victims and carries a greater risk for those suffering from asthma. In the meantime, healthcare providers are alarmed at the increasing number of children requiring hospitalization for the disease which they say is a part of the enterorvirus family.

In addition, there is still no word on the reason for the severity of the disease or its rapid spread across the nation. At this time, officials can only arm the public with what little knowledge they have about the disease. USA today

While the world looks for answers for a rhyme and reason for the unrelenting pestilences which continues to plague this nation and abroad, we as God’s Chosen need only look to the Word. First, the warning from Christ in Matthew 24:7. Next, we can turn to more in-depth studies in many publications inspired by the Word and broken down by Mr. Armstrong and his ministers at the time. In 1975, Mr. George Ritter penned an article entitled “Pestilence In Prophecy” which details exactly what the bible says regarding one of mankind’s worse enemies. Good News, 1975 (prelim No. 11) pg. 6

As prophecy progresses, our saving grace in avoiding fear as God’s Chosen is to look to the scriptures as a constant reminder to be on alert and watch as we are commanded. Because as sure as prophecy, events such as “famines, pestilences, war” and weather phenomena will increase and worsen. Matthew 24:1-13