Editor’s Note: Here is an interesting and perhaps prophetic post from Steven M. Collins’ “Prophecy Updates and Commentary Blog page” that I thought our viewers would find of interest.

Something very odd is happening with the earth’s electromagnetic field, and even the mainstream media has begun to pay attention. This post is for the purpose of alerting readers of this blog to a phenomenon that may greatly impact their lives in the years ahead of us. The first link, from the German media, reports that the earth’s “magnetic” north pole is starting to move at an accelerating rate, causing “navigation as we know it to be in jeopardy.” Scientists do not know why the earth’s magnetic field is changing so quickly, but the world’s high-tech navigational systems will need to be reset soon to keep them from becoming inaccurate. The first link has a good graphic showing that the “Magnetic” north pole has moved rather rapidly northward from roughly the southern part of Hudson Bay just north of Ontario, Canada, to a point where it is now past the geographic north pole in the Arctic Ocean and is now heading toward the northern coast of Russia. The second link, from Reuters, adds that the earth’s magnetic north pole is now moving toward Russia at a rate of 50 km (30 miles) per year. Navigational systems in the northern parts of the world are already jeopardized by the accelerating movement of the magnetic north pole, but navigational systems in the middle latitudes are not affected….yet.

The third link, from the American media, states that an “urgent update” to the world’s navigational systems is needed soon and that the earth’s magnetic field is also undergoing a major change in northern South America and the Eastern Pacific region. The rapidly-changing “magnetic north” location may not yet affect those of us living in the middle latitudes of the earth, but it can affect us as well if we travel. For example, if you are flying a “polar route” in an airliner from North America to Europe or Asia, your airplane may not actually be in the location that it’s onboard computer thinks it is. Satellites or rockets that fly in polar orbits will also be affected. Hence, the need for a fix to occur on a fairly “urgent” basis.

There is a larger and more important consideration related to the changes in the earth’s magnetic field. The fourth link offers a scientific analysis of the changes that could indicate that the earth is headed toward a complete reversal of its magnetic poles. Geologic records indicate that the earth is overdue for such a switch in its magnetic field and it adds that a weakened magnetic field and growing anomalies in the earth’s measured magnetic field argue that we may be headed toward a full reversal in the planet’s magnetic field  (i.e. the north magnetic pole could become the south magnetic pole and vice versa). This would raise havoc with migratory birds and other species who migrate by following the lines of the earth’s magnetic field. The fourth link also adds that another major anomaly in the earth’s magnetic field has been growing across the Southern Atlantic region from South America to South Africa. This anomaly is called a “reverse flux patch” where the earth’s magnetic field is not acting normally or predictably according to the past history of the earth’s magnetic field. Ominously, the link hints at just how confused the magnetic field of the planet could become if a complete geomagnetic pole reversal does occur. It states that such an event could result in a “multi-polar magnetic field for a time.” In layman’s terms, I think that means that we may have more than one magnetic north (or south) pole at the same time for an unknown period of time. Can you imagine how this would short-circuit all man-made electronic and navigational systems everywhere? Say good-bye to GPS navigational systems if this occurs. This has both military and civilian implications. For example, will any military or civilian systems that depend on the current navigational reference points be functional during/after a pole shift? Can ICBMs be reliably targeted at intended points on earth if the earth’s magnetic field becomes unstable and changing? How will airliners fly in cloudy weather when their instruments are not working right?

Read the Full Post at Steven Collins website: https://stevenmcollins.com/is-the-earths-magnetic-field-about-to-reverse-causing-severe-global-effects/