Life as we know it is unique in the universe:

Man has long wondered if there is life on other planets. The best sciences cannot provide any evidence that there is. Even something as basic as finding a planet with conditions that can support life has proven elusive. But, where does life come from? That too is a question that science can’t answer. It doesn’t just spontaneously happen! So, why would there be life elsewhere, unless the Creator specifically caused it to occur? The revealing statement in Genesis chapter 1, that God made man in His own image and after His likeness is profound. Not only do we bear the visible image of Him (them) in our physical bodies, but we are also able upon conversion to take on His very likeness in our spirit exhibiting His righteous Character. That of course depends on our willingness to allow Him to work to change our nature through the power of His Holy Spirit working within us, which is given to us with the ‘laying-on-of-hands’ upon truly repenting and being baptized.

[Genesis 1:1] In the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth
[Job 38:7] … angels shouted for joy at the creation of earth … before the time of man
[Jude 6] … angels once were given charge over the earth, but left their given tasks.
[Job 38:4] Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?
[Genesis 1:26] Let US make man in our image according to Our likeness
[Psalm 139:14] I am fearfully and wonderfully made
[Colossians 1:18 & 24] The firstborn from the dead created all things
[Isaiah 40: ] … all nations are as a drop in a bucket …
[Isaiah 45:18] … God created the earth to be inhabited …
[Psalm 132:14] God intends ultimately to live on the earth Himself!!
[1st Cor. 15:24-28] Headquarters of the Universe will be on earth after the Father descends.

God is creating a Family like Himself:

Creating man in His image reveals God’s intent to share His life with His created beings. For untold ages, God shared life with His angels, but they also were created with the ability to make choices. We are told that one-third of the angels eventually followed a rebellious arch-angel (Satan), becoming what we know as demons. Angels were created to be agents working in support of His Plan, watching over and influencing events around those He is calling to salvation. It is not from the angels that He intends to create Sons for His Family. Those Sons, after being raised in Spirit form, will share His Nature, attaining full immortality. The scriptures refer to the phenomenon of being “Born Again” which results from the very essence of Gods’ Life being engendered in us by means of that Spirit which He places within us. The measure of that Spirit we are given being proportional to our Faith.

[Genesis 2:7] God formed man of dust of the ground … man became a living soul
[Genesis 5:1] God created man, He made him in the likeness of God
[Romans 8:15] … Spirit of adoption by which we cry out, Abba, Father.
[Galatians 4:5] … that we might receive the adoption as sons
[Ephesians 1:5] … having predesestinated us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ
[Hebrews 2:10] God is “bringing many sons to glory … a glorified state after the resurrection.
[2nd Peter 1:4] … precious promises … you may be partakers of the Divine Nature
[Romans 9:26] … There they will be called sons of the living God.
[Romans 8:19] Creation eagerly waits for the manifestation of the sons of God

Christ will rule over all the earth for 1000 years:

Though not typically acknowledged by most religions, the returned Christ will take over all nations and rule the world with a rod of iron. The rod of iron indicating that there is no need to compromise with man’s ways. His righteous government will not be devised using compromise or consensus. God knows what is right. Religion also will be changed to the form of true worship that He will institute, with all man-made forms of worship banned. This is what is commonly known as the millennial age, the term millennium refers to a time span of 1000 years.

[Revelation 2:26] who overcomes and keeps my works … I will give power over the nations [Revelation 3:21] who overcomes I will grant to sit with me in my throne as I also overcame
[Daniel 7:27] … all dominions shall serve and obey Him [Revelation 2:27] … He shall rule the nations with a rod of iron .

[Isaiah 2:3-4] … the Law shall go fourth out of Jerusalem … He shall judge between nations
[Isaiah 9:6] … government will be upon His shoulders … ever increasing … unending peace
[Revelation 20:6] . those first resurrected shall reign with Him for 1000 years

His converted Saints will rule with Him as Kings and Priests:

Those identified as ‘Overcomers’ are promised positions of rulership in the millennial Kingdom of God on earth. There will be those assigned to Civil Offices and those assigned to Religious Offices. Jesus Christ will literally be King of kings and Lord of lords. He will be the Supreme King, and under Him, lesser kings ruling at His discretion. King David of Israel will be resurrected to rule over the whole House of Israel (the united 12-tribes) and the 12 Apostles will rule under him, each over one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. The whole world, at present, groans in pain and distress waiting anxiously for the time of the manifestation of the “Sons of God” when they are raised immortal, at the Last Trump, and are placed in positions of power, setting world affairs on a correct course.

[Revelation 5:10] Saints to become . kings and priests . we shall reign on the earth
[Revelation 20:4] … they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years
[Daniel 7:18] … the Saints of the Most High shall receive the kingdom … forever
[Daniel 7:27] … world’s kingdoms shall be given to the Saints of the Most High.
[Daniel 2:44] … God’s earthly kingdom shall not be left to other people to rule …
[Ezekiel 37:24-25] David My servant shall be king over them – restored Israel – forever
[Matthew 19:28] … you 12 who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones … of Israel

What IS a Saint?

A prominent religious organization has established a convoluted process of nominating and electing certain persons of noteworthiness as “saints”. These are NOT True Saints as the Bible defines the term. A True Saint is one who is called by God and who has experienced conversion and has received God’s Holy Spirit. ALL truly converted Christians are Saints. It does not require that it be determined by any clergyman, as no man can know for certain the condition of another man’s heart or correctly assess his relationship with his Master. Further, there were multiple thousands of Saints long before that religious institution came into being!

[Revelation 14:12] . saints are those who keep the commandments and faith of God
[Jude 3] … common salvation … faith which was once delivered to all the saints
[1st Corinthians 16:1] . concerning the collection for all the saints .
[1st Corinthians 1:2] . those who are sanctified in Christ, called to be saints .

That coming Age is the True Kingdom of God:

The religious world, for the most part, doesn’t grasp the meaning of the term “Kingdom of God”. To many, it represents the community of faith – the Church in other words – which is only partly true. The Church in this age contains those called to conversion, and who will inherit the Kingdom in the near future. But in its fullest definition, the Kingdom of God is the world-ruling government which will be established after the Second Coming, immediately following the time of “Great Tribulation” referenced in so many prophecies. Christ will rule over all nations together with His resurrected Saints for 1000 years. This is an age during which Satan and his demons will be bound (imprisoned). Jerusalem will be established as world Capitol, and the Law of God will be administered from there. The Saints will remain on earth with Christ, ruling over the physical survivors of the end-time Tribulation period and their descendants born during the millennium. It is that continuing Kingdom age extending beyond the millennium that will be most extraordinary. That will be addressed in later paragraphs.

[Revelation 11:15] … the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord
[Zechariah 6:13] … He … shall sit and rule on His throne

[1st Corinthians 15:24-25] … He puts an end to all rule … He must reign until He has put …
[Revelation 2:27] … He shall rule them with a rod of iron
[2nd Peter 3:13] . His promise, . a new earth wherein dwells righteousness
[1st Corinthians 15:50] … flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God
[John 3:3] … except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God

The Seventh Day Sabbath illustrates the Plan:

The seven day week was instituted at Creation. The One who Created the earth (restoring it to a habitable state) rested on the Seventh Day. This weekly cycle illustrates the overall Plan in which six days – 6000 years – are assigned to man’s control, while the seventh day illustrates the 1000 year reign of Christ and His immortal Saints. When Christ returns, the whole world will begin keeping the seventh-day Sabbath.

[Genesis 2:2] . God ended His work . and He rested on the seventh day
[Hebrews 4:4] . God rested on the seventh day from all His works
[Hebrews 4:9-10] … Sabbath-keeping remains for the people of God
[Hebrews 4:1 & 10] … at issue is the matter of “entering into His millennial Rest.”
[2nd Peter 3:8] One day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day
[Isaiah 66:23] … from one Sabbath to another shall all flesh shall come to worship …

The Biblical Holy Days also illustrate the Plan:

Further illustrating God’s Plan, the agricultural harvest seasons illustrate the two major harvest periods in the Plan of the Redemption of man. God gave us two sets of Holy Day seasons which picture those two harvests – known to some as “the early and latter rains”. The spring set of days (Passover through Pentecost) deal with the subject of personal salvation / the fall set (Trumpets through the Last Great Day) deal with the subject of world salvation. God’s Plan includes extending the opportunity for Salvation to all who have ever lived – in due season. Those not called in their natural lifetime are not ‘lost’ forever, as most religions teach. It is God’s intention to allow “whosoever wills” to come to Him, but not all will in this age. Only those called by God can avail themselves of salvation in this age (the first harvest). That is explained in John 6:44, spoken in the season of the spring harvest season (Passover). But that opportunity WILL be extended to all who desire to become converted. John 7:37-38, spoken a season later (Tabernacles), allows for all to have that opportunity IF they so desire. This “whosoever wills” period represents the ‘growing season’ for a second greater harvest. There are TWO Days of Salvation, a concept rejected by most religions!

[John 6:44] No man can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him.
[James 5:7] God presently exhibits great patience waiting for these two harvests.
[John 7:37] If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. (spoken a full season later)
[Revelation 22:17] … let him who thirsts come, And whosoever wills, take water of life freely.
[Revelation 22:17] … is spoken after the Second Coming … Christ and His Bride invite these.
[Colossians 2:17] Holy Days are a representation of future events – they’re prophetic.
[Isaiah 49:8] … this is A day of salvation. (2nd Corinthians 6:2) has ‘the day’.

Common religious holidays celebrate falsehoods:

While Biblical Holy Days teach and picture the important milestones in the greater Plan of Redemption, the world’s religious holidays are for the most part false. Examples are that Jesus was not born on December 25th, a date borrowed from sun worship. Nor was He resurrected on Easter Sunday morning. The resurrection was three-days-and-three-nights after the Passover (the date on which He was crucified). He arose the evening before He ascended to the Father to be our ‘Wave Sheaf Offering’. Many traditional religious customs were ‘borrowed’ directly from the worship of Mithras – a belief system popular in the Roman world – with little more than a name change.

[Matthew 15:9] … in vain do they worship me teaching for doctrines commandments of men.
[Jeremiah 10:2-3] Learn not the way of the heathen … customs of the people are vain.
[Jeremiah 7:18] … they make cakes to the queen of heaven … (hot cross buns?)
[Matthew 15:9] “In vain do they worship Me,” … based on many human reasonings


This is an Excerpt from the book: The Message to God’s Called-Out Ones by Richard Traver of the Christian Church of God Grand Junction Colorado. You can read the entire book at the link above.