(Pro 25:2)  It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

I was reading this verse the other day when it made me think back to how we were so involved in the work during the days of the Philadelphian ERA of God’s Church.

The Church of Philadelphia took the time to “search out” what it was that God wanted them to do and what we specifically thought Christ was doing during that ERA.

They understood that Christ was opening a door through which they were expected to walk. They researched and understood that Mr. Armstrong was given a task to take the Gospel message to the world through the mass media and to further take it to the Kings and rulers of the world in personal campaigns. They searched the matter out and discovered what God had hidden from the world but not from His servants.

But in this Laodicean ERA of the church our ministers have not searched the matter out even though it is spelled out in the bible clearly just like it was for Philadelphia. Rev 3: 7-13 says that Christ is opening a door and implying that the church will walk through that door. And yet similarly Rev. 3:14-22 tells us that God/Christ is working with INDIVIDUALS in this ERA of the church  Groups or Corporate entities seem to be irrelevant in Christ’s work.

We are told that it is the individuals who make up the “church of God” or rather “the Body of Christ” not the corporate churches. Yet many of our leaders are insisting that the bible is wrong when it states that clearly. Just like they say that because the end has not come yet we must continue and finish the work that Mr. Armstrong started. Even though as an Apostle of God he clearly stated that no one would be continuing his work as a witness to the world Matthew 24:14 and that the primary emphasis for the church at this point should be preparing the bride for the wedding supper.

Just food for thought but could it be that the ministry did not like the idea of Christ working with the Individuals rather than the Corporate Church. That they would lose control and power in a scenario like that so they refused to search the matter out.

We are training to be Kings in the world tomorrow and as said above it is the honor of Kings to search a matter out. The ministry has failed to discern, to search out the matter, regarding what they SHOULD be emphasizing and what Christ is actually doing. They should be teaching us HOW to open that door to Christ, HOW to prepare ourselves for the wedding, how to watch, what to watch for, why there is such an urgency attached to all of this.

Because they failed to do that, to search out the matter, the real work need for this ERA of the church, they are blinded to where they are in the prophetic time line, this in turn has caused them to get into a lazy lukewarm attitude about things that has put them to sleep.

The whole point of Christ Knocking on the door of individuals instead of opening the door as He did in the last ERA is to SAVE as many of His people as possible from satan’s wrath during the Great Tribulation. He is trying to get them to see where they actually are in prophecy, He is getting them the Eye Salve they need to become aware that they have been blinded by not doing the work that Christ expects them to be doing, because the ministry did not in fact search out the matter but rather too the easy way out by trying to continue to do what Mr. Armstrong did and failing miserably at that.

This website is here to provide you with the eye salve needed to open your eyes to your situation and allow you the opportunity to repent to get back to your FIRST LOVE, that of helping Christ do a work. When you start spreading this message and the website around to others in the body of Christ you will in effect be doing the work of Christ in this ERA. Sign up for the mail list to keep up to date with what is being done here and the fellowship opportunities being made available to meet with your brethren no matter where they are affiliated. Drop in and get to know us and the many brethren that will ultimately be passing through to learn more.

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